Day: November 9, 2016

Naked Attraction Is Going To Return For A Second Series

Naked Attraction Is Going To Return For A Second Series

Well this is a shocker!

Naked Attraction aired earlier this year and it was hounded by the press but it seem’s they have decided to have it back for another series.

Naked Attraction is a TV dating show where six complete strangers stand in pods and a screen goes up the body and the person who want’s to find love has to look at their body parts to see if they are compatible.

Now the bosses of the show have annouced that they are on the hunt for new people to take part on the new series of the show.

A source has said:

“The first series of Naked Attraction proved that the nation has a fascination with full frontal nudity and seeing suitors being picked by their privates.

“It drew in fantastic viewing figures and stirred up quite a reaction on social media.

The source then continued:

“There has therefore been little debate among bosses as to whether it should be recommissioned – and they have decided that they want a second series to air in the New Year.”

On the look out for new people to start on the show a report has also said:

“Studio Lambert who make the show were surprised during the first series by just how many members of the public were confident enough to sign up to strip off on TV.
“They’re hoping they’ll will have just a big an intake in the seconds series and have already put out ads online asking for willing individuals to star on the show.”
Online adverts reveal that they are on a quest to find more singletons who are “ready to take radical action to find their perfect partner”.
We have to say this show is a guilty pleasure and we are looking forward to the new series.
What did you think of the show??

Brad Pitt Gets CLEARED Of All Child Abuse Allegations!

Brad Pitt Gets CLEARED Of All Child Abuse Allegations!

This is great news for Brad Pitt.

It’s just been annouced that he has been cleared of all of child abuse allegations, according toTMZ.

This all started when Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September and and since then the DCFS have been looking into the case ever since.

The officials came to the conclusion of an investigation on Wednesday as they found that Brad never harmed any of his children.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Kim Kardashian Is Having Therapy To Cope With The Paris Robbery!

Kim Kardashian Is Having Therapy To Cope With The Paris Robbery!

Kim Kardashian is still trying to get her life back together after that horrific paris robbery

Now Kim has been said to be having “flash-backs” and is really struggling to cope with the attack.

An insider for the Kardashian’s has said:

“She’s been having nightmares and flash-backs.”

Since the attack Kim has been struggling to sleep so she has been “talking to a therapist every day.”

It’s good that Kimmy is seeking help because it’s really what she need.

Good for her.

Rihanna Shares Lovely Snaps Of Her With Her Niece Majesty!

Rihanna Shares Lovely Snaps Of Her With Her Niece Majesty!

It seem’s Rihanna is getting broody!

Just lately Riri has been spending so much time with her cousin, Noella Alstrom daughter little Majesty.

Rihanna has been sharing a number of photo’s to her Instagram page of them doing activities together like painting nails, having a bath together and just looking super cute.

Little Majesty clearly loves her aunty very much.

💅🏽A video posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Oct 21, 2016 at 5:07pm PDT

Blac Chyna Shares Naked Selfie

Blac Chyna Shares Naked Selfie

She’s done a Kim Kardashian!

Blac Chyna may be about to pop and give birth to her second child but now Blac has shared a selfie of her before she was pregnant showing off her massive baby bump.

The photo was shared on her Instagram account on Sunday night much to the delight to her fans.

Along with the snap Blac said:

“Soon 😎”

Her body is amazing.

Phillip Schofield Gets Accused Of Being ‘Patronising’ After Interviewing Two Donald Trump Fans


Today Phillip Schofield has been accused of being ‘patronising’ after he was interviewing two black Donald Trump supporters.

The ladies and video blogging duo – real names Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson where appearing on the show to talk about how happy they where that Trump won the election

Fans started to take to Twitter to tweet about how they felt the interview went as one person said:

#thismorning Phil mocking the guests on the show? Not funny, very disrespectful & slightly racist actually!

Another was ver rude as they said:

Patronising idiot #thismorning laughing at black female Trump supporters

One more said:

Not sure about @Schofe ‘s racist reaction with the head move. Not acceptable. @Ofcom @ITV @thismorning #thismorning

We think that he was just laughing alongside the ladies and not at them because they where funny.