Day: November 11, 2016

What Kardashian Family Member Will Host Thanksgiving?

What Kardashian Family Member Will Host Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving not that far away everyone is wondering what Kardashian will be hosting and opening their homes to the world like Khloe Kardashian did last year.

Now Kourtney Kardashian has said that it will be her as she said to Style Code Live that she will be hosting the dinner.

Talking about how she’s going to be this thanksgiving Kourt said:

“For Thanksgiving, I think I’m just gonna, like, F the diet.”

Also it’s been said that Kylie Jenner will be doing some hosting too.

The source continued:

“Kylie’s making Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I’m, like, I can’t really ask her to make gluten-free, dairy-free, and I don’t really want to.”

Thanksgiving this year will be good for the family especially for Kim Kardashian just to take her mind off that horrible attack and with the birth of Dream Kardashian we know that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will love to celebrity the birth as well as thanksgiving.

Of course Kris will have her new man Corey Gamble, with her and you never know Khloe Kardashian might bring Tristan Thompson.

Will Kendall Jenner bring Harry Styles?

That’s if they are still on.

Sounds so much fun.

Facebook Page Recreates John Lewis Christmas TV Ad With The American Election! See The Funny Video HERE!!

Facebook Page Recreates John Lewis Christmas TV Ad With The American Election! See The Funny Video HERE!!

With the John Lewis Christmas tv ad and the presidential election happening in the same week some funny person has decided to combine the two and we have to say it is simply fantastic.

In The video it shows the normals John Lewis advert but replaces the faces with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

At the start of the video it shows Barack setting up the trampoline in the garden and has the White House floating on top, then it show’s Hilary waking up and running down stairs to go on the trampoline but the normal boxer dog jumps in front of her but the dog is Donald.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet you must check it out below.

Katie Price Pranks Two Fans During Off Their Rockers Episode

Katie Price Pranks Two Fans During Off Their Rockers Episode

Katie Price has shown her funny side as she pranked two young girls during ITV’s Off Their Rockers special.

In the clip what has been aired today it shows a elderly woman walk up to two girls in a shopping center and ask them if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on her luggage while she heads to the bathroom to refresh her make up, ahead of a meeting with her agent.

Then Katie walks out of the toilet and goes over to the girls looking like the makeup had taken years off the elderly woman.

The two girls seemed really shocked as Katie walked up to them and grabbed her luggage and walked off.

So funny.

Taylor Swift Is Writing Music About Exes Calvin Harris And Tom Tom Hiddleston

Are Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Good Friends??

Here she goes again!

Taylor Swift is apparently writing more music!

The singer is writing songs about her former loves Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston for her upcoming sixth studio album.

E! have reported that she is ready to make the final cuts on the tunes!

The source has said:

“[Taylor] has spoken to Adam on text,” the source said, adding that the conversation has been more “friendly” than wanting to get back together. “She is also on good terms with Tom at this point.”

This comes despite Calvin not having any bad blood with his ex as he tweeted love towards her and Rihanna last week.

Hillary Clinton Could Become President After All Thanks To A Petition

Hillary Clinton Could Become President After All Thanks To A Petition

Everyone is still in shock over Donald Trump winning the election but now it seem’s Hillary Clinton may still have a chance!

A petition has been created asking for the election to be reconsidered and it’s trying to give Hillary another chance.

Loads of celebs have shared the petition including Lady Gaga, PINK, Sia and plenty more!

Donald will become President of the United States once the electoral college casts its official votes for the Republican on December 19.

the thing is it’s not impossible for electors to go against their states’ decisions, as it’s just discouraged via small fines.

The petition has received a whopping 2.4 MILLION signatures in just a day and is getting bigger and bigger.

Have a look at some of the celebrities tweets below and please dont forget to sign the petition HERE!!



Rob Kardashian Thank’s Sister Khloe Kardashian For Driving Four Hours To Catch Flight To See Newborn Dream Kardashain


Rob Kardashian has seemed really happy that his sister Khloe Kardashian did so much to see her little newborn niece Dream Kardashian.

When the news broke that Blac Chyna had gone into labour Khloe jumped into a car and drove four hours to the airport where she catches a flight to the hospital to see the little one.

After seeing Khloe’s tweet what she tweeted after the birth Rib replied and said:

@khloekardashian love you Khlo money!! Thank u for doing that 4 hour drive and crazy flight to make it here love u soooooo much

That’s so nice.

She must have been dieing to see Dream.