Day: November 14, 2016

Viewers Tell Carol Vorderman To Put Her Boobs Away As She Struts Around The Jungle With The Boys Out

Carol Vorderman Says: The BBC Told Me That I’d Never Make It In TV Because My Breasts Were Too Small

She’s been voted rear of the year for two years in a row but in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle it’s not her bottom what has got people talking.

Viewers to the show have been left with their mouths open as Carol Vorderman, 55 has been walking around the camp with her boobs out for everyone to see.

Twitter has been filled with messages on Monday night during the episode as one person said

“I see Carol Vorderman has got her boobs out… probably to take the emphasis off her Jackie Stallone-like face. #ImACeleb,”

Another has said:

“So Carol has found a way to take attention off her face I see !! The boobage is exploding out of that !! #ImACeleb.”

The boys really where out for everyone to see tonight we wonder if it’s a tactic??

Carol Vorderman Can’t Cope With Limited Food And Lack Of Sleep In The I’m A Celebrity Jungle

Carol Vorderman Can't Cope With Limited Food And Lack Of Sleep In The I'm A Celebrity Jungle

Ohh snap she’s not going to break is she??

Carol Vorderman has only been in the jungle a couple of days and already it seem’s like she is struggling!

The former Countdown star has said that she is struggling with the lack of food and lack of sleep in the jungle as we saw on tonights episode when she sat up most of the night talking to a toad on the floor.

A source has reported:

“Carol is a fighter and she’ll make sure she doesn’t give up.

“But the conditions are tough and when she doesn’t eat or sleep, it affects her.”

Let’s hope not.

We think that it still is early days for her and she just need’s to get things sorted and get use to jungle life over the next few days.

She’s a tough cookie.

Robbie Williams Would Like To Be Gay So He Could Have ‘Sex On Tap’

Robbie Williams Would Like To Be Gay So He Could Have 'Sex On Tap'

What doesn’t he anyways have it with his wife Ayda Field?

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest heartthrobs in the word  but it seems like he just cant get any sex as today he has admitted that he would like to be gay so he could have ‘Sex On Tap’.

Robbie also admitted to Attitude magazine today that he does find men attractive but he could never had sex with a man because he doesn’t even find his own penis attractive.

The singer said:

 “The truth is with me and gay is that I can’t get round the c*** thing. You know I have crushes. Big male crushes. A lot. I crush a lot.

“But I just can’t do the c***. I don’t enjoy looking at mine that much. So I can’t get round that bit.”

He then continued to say:

“And if I could I would have because I like sex. I would have liked being able to have it on tap.”

You really don’t need to be a gay man to have sex on tap now do you?

Holly Hagan Tweets About Being Pregnant!



Holly Hagan has just tweeted on Twitter saying that she is pregnant!

The reality star took to her Twitter account on Monday to say:

“I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!”

She just simply said that and nothing else at all.

But sadly it wasnt all it’s made out to be as she soon deleted the tweet and she admitted that her on off boyfriend Kyle Christie was messing around on her account.

Then Holly tweeted back saying:

“You’re a t**t @ KyleCGShore,”

He sure is for getting our hopes up.


Kim Kardashian’s Friend Shares Snap Of Her Dressed Up As A Belly Dancer


She’s been out of the media for over a month now but a rare photo has appeared online of Kim Kardashian dressed as a belly dancer for fun online.

In the photo Kim is dressed in a purple belly dancers outfit what was posted on her website.

Kim’s friend Stephanie Sheppard posted the image in an entry titled Belly Dancer Costume to the reality stars website.

Along with the snap Stephanie said:

‘So Kim and I were cleaning out her Halloween closet and we came across this purple belly dancer outfit.

It suits her so much!

Glad that she is feeling better now.

Chloe Ferry Gets Fired From Geordie Shore Due To Kick Offs And Repeatedly Kicking New Cast Member In The Head’

Chloe Ferry Gets Fired From Geordie Shore Due To Kick Offs And Repeatedly Kicking New Cast Member In The Head

There is not going to be anyone left soon!

Chloe Ferry has been sacked from Geordie Shore after the producers are fed up with her kick offs and to top the lot she wouldnt stop kicking new cast member Zahida Allen in the head.

Chloe kicked off at Zahida after she was flirting with Chloe’s on off love interest Marty McKenna.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Chloe was completely mortal. She kicked off in the club after seeing Marty holding hands with Zahida. She was totally radge,”

“Chloe had been drinking all night and just lost it. She was kicked out and sent home in a cab.”

As if the behaviour from Chloe wasnt bad enough in the club it got worse when they got back to the house as she was continuing to kick off.

A source continued:

“It’s not looking good for Chloe. It’s not clear if she’ll be allowed to return for the rest of the series,”

MTV have refused to comment.

Such a shame if she has been kicked off the show but at the end of the day with behaviour like that she needs to be disciplined.