Day: November 16, 2016

Adam Thomas Admits He Feels ‘Embarrassed’ After Having A Meltdown On I’m A Celebrity

Adam Thomas Admits He Feels 'Embarrassed' After Having A Meltdown On I'm A Celebrity

He was so funny!

Tonight we saw Adam Thomas have a massive number of meltdowns in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle after he was put in a room along with comedian Joel Dommett that was filled with spiders and other horrible creepy crawlies.

The trial involved Joel and Adam in the shed while Wayne Bridge and Jordan Banjo flashing a light to make Morse code messages to the boys for them to send it back to camp and they had to work out the words in order to win food for camp.

The actor said:

“I’m absolutely terrified. The most terrified I’ve ever been.”

Joel kept on telling Adam to calm down but he was just so jumpy he couldn’t contain himself.

Adam confessed:

“I’m a broken man,” “It was a tough night. I’m not going to lie. One of the toughest. I was a bit of a mess, embarrassing but it is what it is.

When he got back to camp Adam told Larry Lamb:

“I cried Larry. I was a mess!”

Larry seemed to comfort the actor as he admitted that it will make him a “bigger man”.

I’m A Celebrity Get Accused Of Animal Cruelty As Scarlett Moffatt Eats LIVE Beetle

I'm A Celebrity Get Accused Of Animal Cruelty As  Scarlett Moffatt Eats LIVE Beetle

Tonight viewers to I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here have been left outraged after during a eating trial Scarlett Moffatt was forced to eat a live beadle for stars to win food.

Scarlett had to rip the head off with her teeth as the animal was still live and eat the rest of the body in order to win one star.

Watching the moment one person took to Twitter to say:

“Why is it okay to eat live animals on #ImACeleb ? Pretty sure if it was anything larger than a beetle there would be national outrage!”

While another said:

“A live beetle?? Animal rights activists aren’t going to be happy with that #ImACeleb.”

Another said:

“This is truly disgusting! Biting the head off a beetle! Isn’t that what Heather Mills did?!? #ImACeleb.”

We have to say it’s not nice eating the animal live.

Not even Zoo’s are allowed to do this so why should they be allowed on national TV.

I’m A Celebrity Viewers Not Happy With Ant And Dec’s Stephen Hawking Sketch

I'm A Celebrity Viewers Not Happy With Ant And Dec's Stephen Hawking Sketch

As we just told you tonight on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here camp mate Scarlett Moffatt was talking abou the time she thought she emailed Stephen Hawking.

After the scenes aired the show went to Ant and Dec and they have now been branded “disrespectful” after they “mocked” Hawkings.

During the moment Ant picked up his phone and pretended to speak to Stephen.

Seeing the scenes one Twitter user said:

“Have them t*** just took the piss out of Stephen Hawking?….thats really low and not funny at all.”

Another said:

“I found the Stephen Hawking jokes extremely distasteful tbh #ImACeleb”

It really hasn’t gone down well on social media but what do you think?

Where they being disrespectful?

Scarlett Moffatt Admits She Contacted Stephen Hawking About Her Time Travel Conspiracy Theory


We just simply love her.

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that she one emailed Stephen Hawking via his Hotmail account to talk to him about her time travel conspiracy theory.

During a chat with fellow camp mates Lisa Snowdon and Adam Thomas, Scarlett said that she found an email online and sent her theory off for his feedback.

Moffatt said:

“In order to travel back in time we have to go faster than the speed of light.

“The speed of light is like 319 and then loads of numbers, it’s exactly the same latitude point as the tip of the great Pyramid.

“So I think the pyramids are from the future, I think someone from the future realised we would need them and went back in time and built them.”

She then continued to say:

“Well I was trying to look for his email address but it was a Hotmail account so I’m not too sure it’s real.”

Hearing what Scarlett was saying Adam broke down laughing like mad.

It was such a funny moment tonight and we really think that she will go far on the show.

Carol Vorderman Gives Ola Jordan A Massage Causing Her To Make Sex Noises In The I’m A Celebrity Jungle

Carol Vorderman Gives Ola Jordan A Massage Causing Her To Make Sex Noises In The I'm A Celebrity Jungle

She got stuck in.

On Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Carol Vorderman got her hands stuck into fellow camp member Ola Jordan as she was suffering with a bad back after the trial.

Waking up Ola said to Carol:

“I have a massive pain in my shoulder and neck from tensing my body in the Bushtucker Trial.”

Carol took the blond up to the allotment to have the massage as she grounded and it sounded like she was having sex.

Ola was shouting:

“Oh Carol, you’re strong.”

“Oh Carol, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s so good.”

The other camp mates seemed really shocked to have heard the noses and wondered what was going on.

Chloe Ferry To Return To Geordie Shore Just Days After She Was “Sacked”


It seem’s she may have her job back!

As we told you at the start of this week Chloe Ferry was sacked from Geordie Shore by the producers after she kicked off and repeatedly kicked her new co-star Zahida Allen in the head after she was seen holding hands with Chloe’s love interest Marty McKenna.

A source gas reported to The Sun:

“hoping that this will be a lesson to her and make her take her job on Geordie Shore more seriously.”

Chloe was told by the producers to stay away from the filming and cool off before returning.