Day: November 19, 2016

Scarlett Moffatt Left In Tears After Cam Start Rowing Over Newcomers On I’m A Celebrity


Tonight tention has arrived in camp and it has forced Scarlett Moffatt into tears!

As we just told you newcomers Danny Miller and Martin Roberts started arguing after Martin accused Danny of ‘gloating’ after his team won the live trial.

When Scarlett was asked if she was ok by Larry Lamb she just started crying and admitted that she didn’t like the arguing.

She said:

“I’m not liking this atmosphere at all, Martin has all this anger towards Danny and I’m confused why.

“Let’s just chill, it’s a game at the end of the day.”

She continued:

“To hear all that arguing, I just feel all week it’s been such an experience and all of a sudden like…,” she admitted before bursting into tears.

“I’m just tired, I just don’t want it to be awkward.”

Bless her she admitted that she is struggling not being able to call her mum and just talk things through.

I’m A Celebrity Camp Turns Against Danny Baker!


Tempers are starting to turn!

On tonight’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here viewers saw the mood in camp turn after newcomers Danny Baker and Martin Roberts have been causing trouble.

After winning the live trial last night Danny just couldn’t resist boasting.

The losing team got so mad at Danny’s boasting the cam started to show the rifts happening and it really was turning the air blue.

Danny then said to Martin:

“Please don’t pretend I’m going around gloating because I’m not.

“It’s not a Wimbledon final, it’s a telly show for starters, you’re inventing this gloating, I have not done it.”

To what Martin replied:

“You did! You gloated! If you’re a winner, you’re sensitive to the loser.

“Whether it’s a show or not we all have feelings.”

We personally think these two are going to change the camp a lot

Larry Lamb Trips Over Danny Baker Sleeping On The Floor In The Middle Of The Night On I’m A Celebrity


Bless him he is simply so cute.

Larry Lamb has had a little tumble in the night on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

New cam members Danny Baker and Martin Roberts where sleeping on the floor in their sleeping bags when Martin started snoring really loud causing Danny not to sleep so he decided to move his bed away from Martin but he didnt know that he was sleeping in the path way.

Larry got up in the night to go for a wee when he stumbled over Danny sleeping on the floor.

After the accident Danny said:

“The air went blue for a second. Larry jumped about six foot in the air.”

Bless him he was so shocked.

Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Slamm Peter Kay For “Homophobic” Slur Towards Judge Rinder


Strictly Come Dancing viewers have been left outraged tonight after Peter Kay was appearing on the show tonight and he decided to make a homophobic joke.

Peter appeared on the show along side Judge Rinder who is openly gay and show host Claudia Winkleman when he made the joke.

Kay said:

“Let me say hello to this fellow – he’s brilliant!”

Judge Rinder then smiled and got closer to Peter to try and give him a cuddle but he then replied:


“Steady. Watch it me lad. Watch it.”

“This case is firmly closed.”

Twitter went into overdrive after what he said as one person tweeted:

“Is Peter Kay allowed to get away with homophobia just because he’s Peter Kay?”

Another said:

Peter Kay just appeared on my television & did a homophobic joke.”

It was a very weird thing to say but he really need to think before he speaks.

Phillip Schofield Gets Caught Up In A Twitter War After He Receives Backlash After Children In Need Tweet


Phillip Schofield has been left stunned after a positive tweet about Children In Need last night turned into a battleground.

Phill tweeted:

‘An astonishing total for #ChildrenInNeed £46+ million is incredible… Sir Terry would be so proud.’

Seeing the tweet one of his follower replied and started to talk about how much it’s going to cost the UK taxpayer to do up Buckingham Palace after years of rusting on the outside of the house what’s going to cost £369million.

The Twitter user called Rhona Welsh replied to the tweet and said:

‘@Schofe Meanwhile taxpayer doing up house of richest woman (#42 Billion) in the World whilst disabled allowances slashed! #Getreal (sic).’

This started a war with people not talking about how well Children In Need did to raise all that money but with people complaining about the Queen’s renovation.

Another replied:

‘@Schofe all this in the day where Buck Palace is getting a 359 mill face lift !!! #joke #noneedforcharity’

Looking through his mentions phillip was left outstanded with all the tweets he received back as he replied:

‘bit of a blinkered view I’m afraid! A) she doesn’t live there, it’s an office, B) we own it c) biggest tourist attraction in London (sic).’

Then Phill tweeted today and said:

‘So bored with my twitter Mentions, it’s like the comments section of an online paper, populated mostly by the perpetually angry and outraged’

And again:

‘I post a positive tweet about the amazing Children in Need total and get flooded by moaners, I read less and less these days sadly.’

To be fair some people really do need to get out more!

Phill was just tweeting something nice about CIN and it got turned to talking about other topics.

Angelina Jolie Makes Her First Speech Since The End Of Her Marriage As She Talks About Crimes Against Children

Angelina Jolie Makes Her First Speech Since The End Of Her Marriage As She Talks About Crimes Against Children

She has only been spotted out in public a handful of times since she annouced that she was to divorce her husband Brad Pitt back in September.

Now Angelina Jolie has made her first speech since her marriage came to an end.

Her speech was about crimes against children as this comes after International Criminal Court‘s brought out a new policy.

The speech was filmed on camera and has been uploaded online for you to watch below.

During the speech she said:

“There can be no complete justice without consideration for the victims of the war crimes themselves, and the practical assistance they need to move on with their lives and overcome the harm they have suffered. That is why the work of the trust fund is important and must be supported and strengthened over time … [prosecution of these crimes] is part of the long and vital generational effort. That is the light in which I believe the court’s new policy on children should be seen.”

She continued:

“I particularly welcome the commitment to include charges for crimes against children wherever the evidence permits as part of a more systematic approach. I congratulate the office of the chief prosecutor and all those working on the policy.”

“The impact of crimes against children is felt down the generations. We know we aren’t giving the best to children.”

Since her speech people have been wondering if was aimed at Brad.

What do you think??