Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Ask For “Annoying” Tess Daly To Be Sacked And To Have Claudia Winkleman As Main Presenter


she’s been on the show for years and years now but it seems the viewers are just getting fed up with Tess Daly.

During Sunday night’s show of Strictly Come Dancing viewers took to their Twitter accounts to ask for Tess to be sacked and for the show to just be presented by Claudia Winkleman.

One person tweeted tonight:

“Claudia Winkleman is ace, but Tess Daly makes me want to dig out my own eye balls with spoons #Strictly.”

Another said:

“Can Tess Daly do any more to annoy me? Oh yes she’s come up trumps with that outfit. At least it detracts from her wooden delivery.#strictly.”

This has came out of the blue because she has mostly always been popular with the viewing public.

Wonder why the tables have changed.

What do you think??

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