Day: November 25, 2016

Lewis Bloor And Marnie Simpson Unfollow Each Other On Twitter

Lewis Bloor And Marnie Simpson Unfollow Each Other On Twitter

They have had their ups and downs as a couple but now it seem’s Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson might be over as they have both unfollowed each other on Twitter.

It was only five days ago that the couple seemed really loved up but now things have changed.

The Sun has reported that Marnie has been getting really close to her ex and fellow Geordie Shore star Aaron Chambers they film for the MTV show.

A source has told the newspaper

“Marnie was getting very flirty with Aaron,” “There wasn’t anything more to it but it seemed she wanted to get a reaction out of him… at one point she even stated grinding against him.”

Humm we wonder what’s going on here,

Rita Ora Defends Justin Bieber For Punching A Fan

Rita Ora Defends Justin Bieber For Punching A

With Justin Bieber punching a fan who decided to gram him tought the window of the car earlier this week Rita Ora has jumped to the defence of the singer.

Rita has said that Justin must have been “uncomfortable and scared” so basicly him lashing out was a ok with Rita.

Talking to the Metro Ora said:

“I’m not speaking for anybody, but knowing him and his incredible background, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable and scared.

“I feel like anyone who had a hand in their face is going to protect themselves.”

She continued:

“There are definitely moments where [fans] cross over the boundary of it becoming almost scary.”

It must have been very scary for him and we have to say we agree with Rita.

That fan seriously needs to respect people’s private space.

Scarlett Moffatt’s Boyfriend Left Gutted After He Cant Fly To I’m A Celebrity Jungle

Scarlett Moffatt's Boyfriend Left Gutted After He Cant Fly To I'm A Celebrity Jungle

It’s coming to that time in the series when the campmates on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here get voted out and now it’s been said that Scarlett Moffatt’s boyfriend Luke Croden sadly won’t be able to join his girlfriend in Australia.

Taking to social media Luke said:

“Happy the in laws made it to oz safely hope you have an amazing time,”

“I’ll just stay here in the p***ing rain and look after the puppy.”


Well someone has to look after the four legged creatures.

Danny Baker Is First To Be Voted Out Of I’m A Celebrity


Tonight was the first vote off of this years series of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

Danny Baker was voted out by the public after seven days in the jungle and he seemed happy to be out as he admitted that he is a massive fan of the show and has always watched it at home.

Danny admitted during his interview with Ant and Dec that he wants to move to america in the summer and he said that he will be watching the rest of the series.

Baker admitted that he found campmate rival Martin Roberts behaviour weird but he admitted that during the last few days they managed to see eye to eye.

Danny then said that he would like to see Scarlett Moffatt win the show.

Now he gets to spend the rest of the time in that lovely hotel.

Mariah Carey Spends Thanksgiving With Ex Nick Cannon And Twins


Mariah Carey seemed to have a good thanksgiving as she spent it with her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their children.

The singer smiled for the camera as she posed sitting up the table with her children sitting around her as she looked like she was beaming.

Along with the snap she said:

“#happythanksgiving everyone”

She really did look like she had a good time.

Glad everything was ok for her.

Tyga Settles His $200,000 Bill To Jewelry Seller!


Thank Goodness for that!

Tyga has managed to pay off his $200,000 bill to a jewelry seller what has been going on for a while.

Tyga spent all that money on jewelry for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and it seem’s he was struggler ing pay it off a few months back but now it’s all been payed off.

The case was even taken to court because Jason of Beverly Hills just wanted his money from the rapper.

Reports have said that Tyga payed off the debt all by himself without any help from anyone else but it wasn’t looking good for the rapper because sources have said that Jason was going to make Tyga’s financial reports public and it seem’s Kylie’s would have been published too.

Now they both don’t need to worry about that now that it has been payed off.

It’s good that they no longer need to worry about that massive bill.