Day: November 27, 2016

Lisa Snowdon Has Become Second To Be Voted Of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!


Tonight Lisa Snowdon has been voted off I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

The public voted off Lisa during the public vote and she seemed upset as she hugged her other camp mates before walking up the bridge to be interviewed by show hosts Ant and Dec.

Lisa was in the jungle for sixteen days and she admitted that she is excited to be out and excited to see her dad and boyfriend.

“i think i was more nervous about doing the tial than coming out because it was between me, Sam and Jordan to do the trial and i was worried about doing the trial by myself”

Lisa then admitted that she is going to miss everyone in the jungle especially Jordan Banjo as she said he’s “lovely”.

Then talking about camp Lisa said:

“It was such a lovely atmosphere”

During her first week in the jungle Lisa was camp cook and she admitted that she liked cooking and was a little nervous cooking for ten people.

Then the conversation turned to Martin Roberts and how she felt about him as she said:

“He’s a strange guy”

“The thing is with Martin he has a child like inferences and he just charges in but that’s a part of his character and he has been shot down a number of times by Danny Baker and Larry Lamb.”

Then Ant asked her about Larry and Martin’s relationship and she didnt have much to say:

“They do get on but i dont think.. they do get on i dont know.”

She then continued:

“i dont mean to be rude about him he’s just a funny guy”

The asked who she want’s to win she said:

“Jordan, Joel Dommett and Scarlett Moffatt but everyone’s a winner.”

She seems happy to be leaving the jungle today.

I’m A Celebrity Campmates Get Their Phone Calls From Home During Trial

I'm A Celebrity Campmates told To Clean Up Their Act As They Are 'Unhygienic'

Tonight on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here it all get a little emotional after some of the campmates get a phone call from their loved ones.

Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Jordan Banjo where placed in a room with a switchboard where they had to answer riddles and connect their other campmates to a phone call from their loved ones.

First was Carol Vorderman who got a phone call from her friend Mandy, then it was Ola Jordan’s turn who spoke to husband James Jordan and after the phone call she get a little emotional because she hasn’t spoken to her hubby for three weeks.

Sadly Martin had to miss out on the call because the three never answered the question in time.

Joel sacafisted his phone call from his mum for more time for the other camp mates what was simply lovely.

Then it was Scarlett’s time and she sadly struggled answering the question and at the thought of not speaking to her family she started to get emotional before saying that she wouldnt speak to her family and for them to cancel the call.

Lisa Snowdon’s turn was next but sadly the three never answer the question for her call.

Sam Quek’s call was canceled too for the same reasons as Lisa.

Jordan’s turn then as he spoke to his sister called Tulisa and she admitted that the family was so ‘proud’ of him before asking about Scarlett’s family and told his sister to tell Scarlett’s mum and dad that she loved them because she never got a phone call.

Adam Thomas was next and he got very emotional during the phone call with his fiancee Caroline as she told him that he is “doing amazing” and everyone is fine.

Adam then asked how his little boy is and she said that he is doing simply fine just as Adam told her that she loved her and she is never leaving her again.

Adam seemed over the moon that he got his call but Martin seemed really upset that he didn’t get his call.

The three returned to camp and apologized to anyone who never got their phone call.

Jordan admitted:

“When we returned to camp the people who didnt get their phone call i couldnt even look at them”

“I’m so happy that they understood and it’s nice to know that we have pople in the camp like that.”

It was a very emotional part of the show tonight!

Makeup Artist Threatens To Sue Kylie Jenner Over Lip Kit Photos

Kylie Jenner Reacts To Baby Dream Kardashian

A makeup artist has threatened to sue Kylie Jenner over her lip kits and the photos on the box.

On the box of the lip kits it has a pair of lips with the color of the lip gloss on the cover but now the makeup artist called Vlada Haggerty has threatened to sue to reality star over the snaps.

Vlada has taken photos of women in various poses and it seem’s Kylie’s snaps are very much the same.


This is not good for Kylie because if this goes thought it could be a massive pay out for Jenner.

We will keep you posted.

Blac Chyna Gives An Update On Her Weightloss!

Blac Chyna Gives An Update On Her Weightloss!

It was only just over two weeks ago that Blac Chyna gave birth to her second child and last week she gave us a Update on how much weight she had lost in just nine days after popping.

Now Blac has given us another update and it seems she just can’t stop losing the baby weight.

Last week Chyna took to Instagram to share a snap of her skales and said along with the Snapchat snap:

“39lbs go away !!! Lost 23 lbs so far !!! (sic),”

She is losing so much weight lets hope she doesn’t go too far.


Ola Jordan’s Poo Smells Of ‘Butterflys’

When you’ve been in The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Put Of Here jungle you eat some horrible nasty things so your poo must be simply awful but now for Ola Jordan!

The Strictly Come Dancing star went to the toilet on Sunday nights show when Scarlett Moffatt went in the toilet after her and she asked about what the nice smell was.

Emerging from the dunny Scarlett said:

 “Oh it smells nice in there

Ola then replied:

“Does it? I’ve just done a poo.”

Scarlett then said:

“I feel so embarrassed but it smells really nice – do you poo butterflies Ola?”


Calvin Harris Shocks Fans With Snapchat Video As He Asks “How Do Flys Breath”

Calvin Harris  has confused fans after he uploaded a SnapchAt video of him asking about “how do flys breath?”

In the short clip Calvin is topless and out in the American sun when he asked the question and complyly confused fans and got them questioning.

He continued to say in the clip uploaded on Friday:

 ‘Something I was never taught at school. These kind of questions come to me when I’m out in nature. I’m here and among all this nature and I start thinking.’ 

This is something we have never thought of before we have to say. 

What do you think?