Spencer Matthews Left Red Faced After He Gets Asked About Brother’s James Relationship With Pippa Middleton’s


Spencer Matthew has been left red faced after he was being interviewed on This Morning and was asked by show host Phillip Schofield about his brother relationship to Pippa Middleton.

 Spencer was on the show to talk about his charity work in africa when the conversation soon turned to his brother James and his relationship with the Royal.

Spencer seemed shocked that he was being asked about his brother and his relationship.

Schofield then asked Spencer about when his brother climbed the Matterhorn mountain, adding:

“You know where I’m going with this.”

“When James climbed the Matterhorn, did he take Pippa up the Matterhorn?”

Matthew then stuttered:

“I believe he must have done,” “I suppose we all support the foundation in the same way.”

He did look very embarrassed but he is bout to be asked questions like that.

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