Day: December 2, 2016

Kendall Jenner Has Upped Her Security As She As Is In Paris Following Kim Kardashian’s Attack

Kendall Jenner Has Upped Her Security As She As Is In Paris Following Kim Kardashian's Attack

with Kim Kardashian being attacked in Paris back in October Kendall Jenner is taking no risks on security as she is currently in Paris.

The model who is at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week has managed to get her hands on some more bodyguards that normal to make sure that she is safe in Paris and to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to her like it did to her sister.

A source has said to Page Six that her security her been “sky high,” and she brought her own security with her and she “wanted nothing to do with anyone” except her glam team and bestie Gigi Hadid.

The source said:

“She had a special handler the whole time when other girls didn’t. She arrived at the after-party with private security, even though the police were there.”

Apparently Kendall has been “wouldn’t do press interviews and was actually hiding at one point” because it seems she was so worried:

“One reporter asked her a question and she literally ignored her. She just kept looking at pictures of herself on her phone.”

She really has been worried about being in Paris it seems or she never wanted to answer questions.

Martin Roberts And Wayne Bridge Have Been Voted Out Of The I’m A Celebrity Jungle In Double Vote Off


Tonight the campmates in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here where left completely shocked as it was a double vote off causing Martin Roberts and Wayne Bridge to be voted out by the public.

Martin was interviewed first as he survived 14 days in the jungle and has caused a lot of trouble in the process with his other camp friends.

Talking during his interview he said:

“what any experience holy mackerel i never knew it would be anything like that. The people the way it feels to you it exceeded my expectations.”

When asked about how hard the jungle was he said:

“It was harder i saw the group and how close they become and there where a few compilations with Danny Baker and it become really though quickly”

When asked about when the turning point int he jungle was when people started to like him Martin said:

“That morning where both the teams where fighting over me was the turning point and it’s something what i will never forgive it really was a truly lovely thing and i will remember it for the rest of my life”

Martin was then asked about his relationship with Larry Lamb what wasn’t the best he said:

“I never had a problem with Larry but he did with me he was a bit of a martach and everyone loved him and he was worried that i was going to take over his role and he made it clear on a number of occasions that i was not going to take over his place”

Not everyone is going to like you but i cant do nothing about it.”

When asked who he think will win the show he said:

“That’s so hard they all deserve their places we will just have to see it’s really hard”

It was then Wayne’s turn to be interviewed and talking about his time in the jungle he said:

“ive had such a good time and i was so nervous about coming in.”

Wayne said that he found his time in the jungle hard:

“I didnt expect it to be that hard, food, energy, i missed the kids and the missues i spend all day every day with them and ill probably be ripped for crying on TV.”

Talking about his friendship with Adam Thomas he said:

“i got on really well with Adam Thomas but i got on well with everyone i cant believe the way i have been acting in there Jordan Banjo really hit me and im off to see him now so why was i crying for?”

When he was asked who’s going to win the show he said:

“I cant pick ill pick Scarlett Moffatt as a queen and Adam as the king”

We have to say we will miss Wayne but now so much for Martin.

Kim Kardashian Is “Really Stressed Out” But Family Are Really Supportive

Kim Kardashian Is Going To Stand By Kanye West's Side Until He Gets Better

Kim Kardashian has been thought so much over the last few months but now it seems like she is just stressed.

It’s been said by a source that Kim is “really stressed out” but her family have been supporting her through everything after her husband Kanye West was rushed to hospital last Monday but then was released on Wednesday of this week for Kim to look after him at home.

An insider has said:

“Kim is really stressed out. Everyone is trying to pitch in and help her out to relieve some of that and everything she’s going through.”

There really is no wonder why she is stressed because so much is going on in her life at the moment and with Christmas just around the corner it seems like it’s going to get more stressful with having the children around.

Lets hope 2017 will be better for the both of them!

Mariah Carey’s Hasnt Always Had A Lovely Life As She Admits To Just Having A Mattress On The Floor

Mariah Carey's Hasnt Always Had A Lovely Life As She Admits To Just Having A Mattress On The Floor

When you think of Mariah Carey you think of diamonds,mansions and lovely things because of who she is but it seems she’s not always had a lovely life.

The singer has been talking about how tough her life has been admitted that at one point she just had a mattress on the floor to sleep on at night.

It’s now just days away from the new series of Mariah’s World, what will follow her life and she has been doing interviews about the show.

It was on Thursday when Mariah was talking during a interview when she said that when she moved to Manhattan… she couldn’t even afford a box-spring.

She said:

“I think me and Shawn have a great relationship because we both understand what it’s like to literally come from nothing. We did not grow up this way, people have to understand this… I lived, like, on a mattress on the floor. I was writing my songs and being a horrible waitress.”

We just cant wait to watch the series and find out more about the singer.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Welcome Baby Boy Into The World

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Welcome Baby Boy Into The World


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have had an early Christmas present as they have welcomed their baby boy into the world.

The pair who are already proud parents to their adorable two-year-old daughter Wyatt have not released any statements about  the birth but E! where the ones to break the news to the world.

We will keep you posted when we know any more.

Rixton’s Jake Roche Releases Breakup Song About His Relationship To Jesy Nelson Called I Swear She’ll Be The Death Of Me!

Little Mix Drop New Single You Gotta Not LISTEN HERE!

Ohh no.

Earlier we told you about how Jake Roche was about to release a song to get his own back about his failed relationship to Jesy Nelson as since they broke up he had never spoke about what went on but now he has just penned it all down in a song.

It was Friday afternoon when Jake and the other Rixton boys released the tune titled I Swear She’ll Be The Death Of Me!

If you want to have a listen to the song make sure you check it out below.