Day: 7 December 2016

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Confirm Relationship

It seems there are new love birds on the screen as Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have official said that they are a couple.

The pair where first spotted together at the MTV EMAs back in November and they haven’t really been apart ever since.

Insider has told People:

“They’re dating exclusively. He was playing the field, but he really likes her and is willing to settle down for her.”

They do make such a good couple.

Tattoo Fixers Get A Shock As Man Wants Leg Cover Up Of His Wifes Face

They say to never have you partner’s name or portrait tattooed on your body but it seems a man on Tattoo Fixers wanted exactly that.

On Wednesday night the new series of Tattoo Fixers starts and the fixers meet an man who wants a tattoo on his leg covered up with “with something meaningful” immediately.

That “something meaningful” was a portrait of his wife’s face on his leg!

The man called luke explained to Sketch, Jay Hutton, Paisley Billings and Alice Perrin:

“Me and my mate had had a drink, and were like, ‘Should we get our names tattooed next to each other’s penis?”

He continued:

“The tattoo artist asked if she could tattoo something else on my leg, telling me it would be a surprise.”

The tattoo said:

“I’m a sexy boy”

Clearly his wife Nikki didn’t like the ink so he just wanted it covered over.

We will have to see tonight what the new ink looks like but have a look at his old tattoo below.

Tattoo Fixers Get A Shock As Man Wants Leg Cover Up Of His Wifes Face

Khloe Kardashian Tells Twitter Troll To Lick Her Balls As They Accuse Her Of Messing Up Tristan Thompson’s Basketball Game!

Grrr we hate Twitter trolls.

Cleveland Cavaliers fan has hit out at Khloe Kardashian saying that she is the reason behind her boyfriend not been “playing too well,” and according to the fan it is all Koko’s fault.

It was on monday that Khloe hit back at the troll and told him to lick her balls.

Taking to her Twitter account she said:

They are #1 in their conference but thanks 4 sucking my dick hard enough 2 think I have that much power. Lick on my balls while you’re at it

Good respons.

She sure knows how to hit back at the haters.

Scarlett Moffatt’s Dad Admits He Was Mad When His Daughter Cried To Larry Lamb In The I’m A Celeb Jungle

Scarlett Moffatt's Dad Admits He Was Mad When His Daughter Cried To Larry Lamb In The I'm A Celeb Jungle

They hadnt been in the jungle long and it seems things where getting on top of Scarlett Moffatt and she sat and cried on Larry Lamb’s lap if you remember back to the start of this year’s series.

Now Scarlett’s dad Mark Moffat has said that he was left furious after she confided in Larry when she was really upset.

Talking on the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Coming Out Show he said:

“When she sat on his knee and give her a cuddle, I thought ‘he’s making me redundant here!’.

Bless him.

Iyt was a very emotional moment of the show and we have to say we had to wipe the tears away so no wonder what it did to her family.

Scarlett Moffatt Hits Back At Fake Claims That She Lied About Fear Of Lifts And Confined Spaces

Did Scarlett Moffatt Fake Her Claustrophobic As She Shares Number Of Lift Selfies With Boyfriend Luke Crodden

Scarlett Moffatt has defended her fear of lifts and confined spaces as viewers to I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here have accused her of faking her fear as on her Instagram there are a number of photos of her posing in a lift with her boyfriend Luke Crodden.

It was during her time in the jungle that Scarlett admitted that she has a fear of small spaces and hoped that her final Bushtucker trial would help her get over her fear.

Talking to the Sun after she left the jungle she said:

“I haven’t got a fear of lifts, I’ve got a fear of not being able to see an escape. It’s not just lifts, it’s the same if there’s too many bubbles in the bath.

You see she never made it up.

Insiders Say Kardashian Sisters Are Taking Legal Action To Stop Blac Chyna Being Named Angela Kardashian

Insiders Say Kardashian Sisters Are Taking Legal Action To Stop Blac Chyna Being Named Angela Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian are doing everything they can to stop Blac Chyna from taking the name of Angela Renee Kardashian when she married their brother Rob Kardashian.

Now it seems the sisters are going to be taking legal action to stop her from trademarking the name.

An insider has told sources:

“The Kardashians own their trademarks in most categories worldwide, and the trademark attorneys’ standard practice is to oppose anyone who tries to file anything. They probably didn’t even know it was happening.”

It’s been said that Blac is “deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity” by changing her name to match the famous family’s surname.

Another source has said:

“She’s not trying to do anything negative. She wants to trademark the name because it will be her name when she gets married and she wants to protect it. It’s also her daughter’s last name and she wants to share a last name with her daughter.”

They really are taking control over the situation.