Ruth Langsford Talks About That Kiss Between Sam Faiers Boyfriend Paul And His Mum As Anne Dimond Calls it ‘Inappropriate’

It was the talk of the town when last year a clip was aired of Sam Faiers‘ boyfriend Paul Knightley having a kiss in the lips with his mother Gaynor.

The clip went viral with people saying that it was ‘weird’ that a son would have what looked like a snog with his mother.

Today on Loose Women they where talking about the clip when show host Ruth Langsford said that:

‘It did linger.’

Then fellow presenter Anne Diamond said:

‘That is inappropriate, is it OK to say that?’

Ruth then continued:

‘When the picture is not moving, it does look like a couple having a good old snog.  But it didn’t offend at the time.’

We have to say it was very concomtable to watch but maybe that’s what that family are like.

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