Louis Tomlinson Performs On X Factor Just Two Days After Mothers Death!

Tonight Louis Tomlinson took to the X Factor stage just a couple of days after his mother Johanna Passed away due to liquemia.

The news about the death broke yesterday and Louis said straight away that he was still going to perform tonight because that’s what his mother wanted.

Louis debut his single Just Hold On because it was his mother’s dying wish.

Some of the lyrics said:

 “It’s not over till the sun has set, It’s not over till your dying breath’ are believed to be about his mother’s fight with the disease.”

After the former One Direction singer took to the stage Simon Cowell apploaded the singer and said a few words about his mum.

Louis had to fight back The tears as you could see in his face that he was struggleing. 

Simon said:

“Louis, what you’ve just done and the bravery that took – I just respect you so much as an artist and as a person.

“Your mum was so looking forward to tonight and I know she is watching down on you now. She was so proud of you.”

He did so well. 

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