Day: 12 December 2016

Stephanie Davis And Newborn Baby Asked To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother!

"Moving in day outfit," she wrote. "Baby and mummy very happy thank you @lasulaboutique we both feeling so comfortable #mumtobe #cosy #jobdone (sic)"

She’s not due to give birth until January but now Stephanie Davis has been asked to appear on Celebrity Big Brother with her new born baby!!

Yes you did read that correctly!

Davis has been asked to appear on the show for three days with the baby and make TV history.

Stephanie is due to give birth in January after she fell in love with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell when they meet at the star of this year in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The Sun has said that show bosses think it would be great for Davis to go back into the house with the baby.

A source has said:

” Big Brother producers have asked Steph to go on the series in January for three days with her baby,”

“They think it would make a great story as if the baby definitely is Jeremy’s then it is all a result of their appearance on CBB last year.

The continued:

“Steph has told them she would love to do it but discussions are ongoing. It is just a matter of working out logistics and whether they can make it work.”

Since these reports Stephanie has taken to Twitter as she tweeted:

“Come on now.. I will not be taking part in CBB 2017. It was lovely to be asked but my priorities are my son and being an amazing mummy xx (sic)”

Look’s like we wont be seeing her on the show then.

JLS Singer Oritse Williams DENIES He Rapped A Women In Hotel Room

Yesterday we told you about what the reports where saying that JLS singer Oritse Williams aledagdly rapped a woman in a hotel room when she and her friend where invited back to his hotel room for drinks after a gig.

Now Oritse has denied that he attacked the woman as he got his management to say to the Mirror:

“We have been asked to comment upon what was written in The Sun article this morning.

“All we wish to say at this time is that Oritsé denies the allegations against him.”The matter is in the hands of the police and it would be totally wrong for us to comment any further.”

This news comes after Oritse performed at the Wolverhampton’s Gorgeous club.

Phillip Schofield Meets His Match As He Interviews Prince Phillip For New ITV Show

On ITV tonight airs a program about when Phillip Schofield meet Prince Phillip and it seems Phil really meet his match while interviewing the Queen’s husband.

In the one hours special to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award the TV presenter really gets to find out about the Prince’s life and shows some unseen clips from the royal family.

In one scene Phillip told Prince Philip that he did a a wing walk to raise funds for the scheme and the Price replied:

‘Who is trying to get rid of you?’
‘Are you going to stand there on the wing and say “hello folks”? I wouldn’t open your mouth if I were you.’

A dismissive Philip then replied:

‘What am I supposed to say?’

This is going to be a good watch.

Beyonce And Mariah Carey Poses For Selfie As Bey Visits At Holiday Concert

Beyonce And Mariah Carey Poses For Selfie After Mariah Visits At Holiday Concert

Mariah Carey has shared a rare photo of her posing with Beyonce.

The girls posed backstage at Mariah’s concert as Bey was visiting her while she was performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Along with the photo Carey said:

‘I love you @beyonce,’ Mariah gushed in the caption of the photo, which appeared to be taken backstage of her show. ‘thank you sooooo much for coming out tonight! (lips emoticon).’

Bey and Mariah looked really happy as they posed for the snap back stage to what Mariah uploaded it to her Instagram page.

Holly Willoughby Admits That She Hates Talking About Her Diet As She Fears It Would Encourage ‘Eating Disorders’

Holly Willoughby Admits That She Hates Talking About Her Diet As She Fears It Would Encourage 'Eating Disorders'

Holly Willoughby has been talking about her diet and admitted that she really hates talking about what she eats because she worries that it will cause eating disorders.

Holly said that she likes to no focus on what she eats because she’s worried people might become ‘fixated’ with what she eats.

The TV presenter admitted that she loves food but she refuses to engage in talk of diets!

Talking to Prima Magazine she said:

‘I don’t want to encourage eating disorders. I try not to focus too much on my appearance.

‘As long as I’m being healthy, that’s good enough for me. I’m quite active and I try not to let the way I look be the main focus because it’s not the important thing.’

She continued to say:

‘I actually avoid talking about my diet and exercise regime because I have interviewed so many people affected by eating disorders and I know that some people in chat rooms can really fixate on other people’s diets. I just can’t contribute to that.’

Holly then admitted that she loves food and she said that she really is a healthy eater.

She continued to say:

‘I’m healthy; I love food – it’s a celebration, something to be talked over, shopped for, cooked and enjoyed. I love cooking. Nothing fancy – just standard home-made stuff. I make a very good spaghetti.’

She looks fantastic and we really need to know the key to her body because it’s simply fangtastic.

Scarlett Moffatt Shows Off Her New Hair Styles Just Days After Leaving The I’m A Celebrity Jungle

Scarlett Moffatt Shows Off Her New Hair Styles Just Days After Leaving The I'm A Celebrity Jungle

She was mad the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here queen of the jungle last weekend but now back to reality Scarlett Moffatt has decided to show off her new hairstyle.

The Gogglebox star decided to have her hair cut into a bob after she admitted that she was missing Dr Bob from the jungle.

Scarlett who’s always had long hair decided to have it cut into a bob as she posed showing off the new hair before a family party what was to celebrate her jungle win.

Along with the photo she said:

New hair.  I’m missing Dr bob that much I thought I’d get myself a bob #hair #short #new.’

Such a nice look.