Katie Price Sacks Her Publicist And Has ‘No Plans’ To Replace To Find New Person

Katie Price Returns To Loose Women After Two Month Break!

There has been mystery tonight as Katie Price has sacked her publicist and has ‘no plans’ on finding another.

With Katie taking time off out of the public eye to work on her marriage to Kieran Hayler it seems she has decided to change other parts in her life as she told the publicist to go.

Source have said that she is not going to replace as a source has said to Reveal:

“She feels offended. She sent a huge basket when the baby came along, but she hasn’t received an invitation to meet the new born. She’s fuming,”

“She’s going around telling everyone that Emily snubbed her and is trying to keep her out of Pete’s life.”

The source then continued to say:

“Katie says that Emily is nice to her face, but deep down, fears that she hates her,

“She wants to start the New Year on a fresh page with Peter.”

We wonder what has been going on here.

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