Stephanie Davis Gets Trolled Over Voicemail Just Weeks Before Her Due Date

Stephanie Davis has battled trolls over social media but now they have been leaving nasty messages on her voicemail just weeks before she is due to give birth to her first child.

Hitting out at the trolls on Twitter she tweeted:

“Catching up on some voicemails from last month. I really don’t get some people. SORRY then VILE.. Baffling,”

Replying to her tweet one of her followers said:

“Could this be about a certain person? Your both better off without that toxic excuse of human in your lives,”

Another said:

“Let me guess, a certain person jealous of how successful you are, don’t let them get to you, there behind you for a reason,”

There is no evidence at all that it was Jeremy leaving the messages on her phone.

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