Has Casey Batchelor’s Had A Boob Job After Her Breast Reduction?

Has Casey Batchelor's Had A Boob Job After Her Breast Reduction?

She had years of insecurity about her 32GG breasts causing her to undergo a breast reduction to make them smaller by two sizes to 32EE chest in September 2014.

Now it seems that Casey Batchelor has had a boob job and it’s clearly noticeable that she has got larger breasts now.

Now looking at her 2017 calendar it’s clear that she has had something done.

Now her agent has said that the size in her breast was simply down to the size of her underwear.

Her agent said:

‘Looking at the images of Casey Batchelor, her breasts are undeniably looking much bigger than when she first had her breast reduction op.

‘It appears as though she’s had an implant put in – I say this because of the shape and positioning of her breasts and the fact that she’s not put on weight elsewhere.

‘If she had put on weight elsewhere, it’s very plausible that her breasts may have grown since her reduction op.’

We really need to know what underwear she wears so we can have large boobs like her.

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