Katie Price Hits Back At Her Use Of Disabled Parking Space Without Son Harvey

katie price loose women

A number of weeks back Katie Price parked in a car park space what was meant for disabled people with a blue badge.

Katie has a blue badge for her son Harvey but at the time of her parking in the space outside a tanning shop and Harvey was no wear to be seen.

Now Katie has hit back at the reports who reported the story after they said hat she could receive a £1,000 fine.

Taking to her Twitter Price shared a number of photos of where her car was parked along with a statement of:

I can confirm that the paper got it wrong the other week when they said I was in a disabled spot,” she’s heard saying on the video.

“Because I was actually parked here in this spot, here, and they’ve said it was disabled [pans to parking sign] there’s no disabled sign, absolutely nowhere. They got it wrong again and even if I come near where my car is parked, it’s still not disabled. Exactly.”

Since then fans have pointed out that is wasn’t her parking inside of the lines it was that she was using a disabled parking spot when she never had someone disabled in the car at the time.

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