Just What Does Michelle Keegan Want For Christmas??

Just What Does Michelle Keegan Want For Christmas??

With Christmas day getting nearer and nearer Michelle Keegan has been talking about what she would like for Christmas this year.

The actress has been speaking to Hello Magazine and you would think that she might want clothes or nice girly things but now Michelle wants a ramp fitted on the side of her bed so that her dog can climb up and down without getting hurt.

Michelle said:

“This year what I want in my Christmas stocking is a dog ramp for my bed, for my dog Phoebe to get up and down. She’s a sausage dog and I’m always worried that she’ll hurt her back by jumping up and down, so I’ve asked my mum for a ramp! It’s not very glamorous, is it?”

That would be so lovely we are sure that everyone would love a ramp like this for their doggies.

We wonder if she will get it or not?

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