Lamar Odom ‘Doing Extraordinarily Well’ In Rehab!

So nice to share be able to share some good news about Lamar Odom.

Lamar has been through so much over the last few years but now it seems things are going in the right direction as he is doing really well in rehab.

A source has reported that he is ‘doing extraordinarily well’ in rehab and seems to be turning over a new leaf.

A source has told People:

“[Lamar]’s being very adult and mature and just wants to be a great father and brother, a better friend.”

“He drove himself, it was his idea. He’s going to be gone during the holidays, which is when people have relapses and problems.”

Also apparently he has been in “great spirits”:

“The goal is for him to be inside during Christmas and New Years. Crazy things happen during those times. There’s been amazing reports from the doctors thus far. He’s doing extraordinary well, he’s in great spirits.”

Lets hope that this is the final straw and he is going down the correct path to recovery.

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