Stephanie Davis Just Wants Her Baby To Be Born Now!

Pregnant Stephanie Davis Admits She's 'Fed Up' With Having To Defend Herself Over Her Love Life

It seems like she has been pregnant for ages not but Stephanie Davis due date is getting closer and closer but now she has admitted that she just wants her baby to be born.

Davis is expecting a baby boy in January after she has been through a difficult pregnancy as she has been rushed to hospital on a number of occasions due to problems.

Writing in her column in OK Magazine she said:

“I can just relax now and it’s just about sitting back and waiting for him to come and I’ll be honest, I’m at the stage where I just want him out now.

“Not only can I not wait to have in my arms, I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal and healthy self.

She continued:

“Once he’s in my arms I’ll know he’s safe and I can do everything for him. As soon as he gets here, all the upset and worry will blur into the background.”

It wont be long now and then her wait will be over.

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