Katie Price Gets Removed From Glasgow Hotel After Disruptive Incident Before She Was Paid Thousands To Appear At Nightclub

Katie Price has reportedly been removed from her hotel room in Glasgow after she was making an appearance at a nightclub and was getting paid thousands according to sources.

Price was appearing at Glaswegian nightclub last Saturday – Bar Budda and following the night out she returned to the hotel and had a large disruptive incident forcing her to be removed.

Katie was miles away from her home in in South East England, so with no wear to stay the nightclub owner offered her a bed for the night at his placed.

A source has said:

‘A few hours after she had done a personal appearance… Katie woke the owner of Bar Budda up telling him she needed somewhere to stay because she had been thrown out of the hotel they booked for her.

‘She ended up sleeping for a few hours in a room at the owner’s house.

The source continue to say:

‘The whole thing was a complete nightmare and they’ll think twice before asking her back.’

Ohh no this isnt good at all.

Other sources have said that the nightclub made sure that Katie had the must luxury hotel room too so this must have been awful for the clubs bank balance for her to not stay,

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