Lauren Goodger Is Hoping For A Mark Wright Reunion!

Lauren Goodger Is Hoping For A Mark Wright Reunion!

It seems she’s over her jailbird boyfriend.

Lauren Goodger has admitted to the Mirror that she is hoping to get back with her ex Mark Wright who she dated a number of years back even though he is happily married to Michelle Keegan.

Talking during a interview she admitted that she still loves her ex and she hopes that one day he will return to TOWIE.

She said to the Mirror:

“How good would it be if we got all the TOWIE originals back together?”

“I just feel like we’ve all moved on from everything. It would be fun to just have a laugh with it.

She then continued:

“All of that is such old news – there isn’t any bad blood. Not for me personally anyway. I’m cool with everyone.

“I don’t think [a reunion] would happen but it would be good – just to see what we all look like now compared to back then.”

This comes after Lauren returned to the reality show this year for the first time in years.

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