Coleen Nolan Admits She Questoned If Her Father Loved Her As A Child Because He Sexually Assaulted Her Sister And Not Her

This is actually so heartbreaking!

Coleen Nolan has admitted that she had to ask herself if her father loved her or not as a child because he use to sexually abuse her sister Ann Nolan and not her.

The Loose Women panelist admitted this during a heartbreaking interview with the Daily Star as she admitted:

‘My eldest sister told me when I was probably in my mid to late 20s that my dad abused her. I felt so upset for her. I couldn’t make my own feelings out all, except I remember crying because he hadn’t done it to me. And then I hated myself.

‘I had to rationalise that it wasn’t that I wanted him to do it to me. It was just, “Did he love her more, then?” I rationalised it like that as a kid. It was the most confusing feeling I’ve ever had.’

She continued to say:

I feel guilty that I don’t hate him. I think my sister probably finds it hard…why I don’t hate him? I have that confusion of why I don’t hate him.’

So heartbreaking knowing that she thought that because her sisters was getting this awful attention she wasn’t loved because she wasn’t getting it.


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