Coleen Nolan Hits That Her Weight Has Played A Big Part In The Breakdown Of Her Marriage

Over the weekend we told you that Coleen Nolan had admitted that her marriage is breaking down and that she had giving it until christmas to see if herself and Ray Fensom could sort things out.

Now Talking on Loose Women today, Coleen has said that her weight has played a big part in the breakdown of the marriage as she asked Ray if he still fancied her and his reply was ‘No’.

She said on todays show after she asked him if he still fancied her:

‘He said to me, “Well, men are very visual,” and I think he was saying to me, “I don’t fancy you to look at any more.”

Then seeing the funny side she said:

‘And I said, “I want you to look like George Clooney, but that ain’t gonna happen”.

She continued:

‘He does fancy me, but I know that he fancies me slimmer and I didn’t go out and buy slimming pills or go on a crash diet because he still loves me for me.’

Nolan then continued to talk about why she has been so public about her breakup as she continued to say on Monday morning:

‘I wear my heart on my sleeve and there are times I wish I could shut up but I can’t. I can’t sit here and almost lie about it any longer.

‘My sister Maureen came on [the show] and talked about the other problems she was having in her marriage and it felt like I was ticking them off in my head.’

Lets hope that the festive period really sorts out her marriage and that her and Ray an get back on top of things over the next few weeks.

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