Ruth Langsford Gets Emotional Over Interview With Emmerdale’s John Middleton

Today on This Morning it all get a little emotional after Emmerdale John Middleton who plays Ashley was on the show to talk about his dementia storyline.

This really hit home with show host Ruth Langsford because her late father died from the disease and she said that everything Ashley has been doing in the soa her father was doing it before he died.

After the interview Ruth seemed a bit upset so her husband and co-presenter Eamonn Holmes comforted her and she said:

“It’s really hard to try and understand that person.

“My dad was there in body.

“The shell of my dad was there but he wasn’t there.”

Eamonn then told the viewers:

“My wife may need some time,”

It must have been so hard for her to talk about it because it’s a very tough topic to talk about especially when someone you’re so close to has passed away.

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