Day: 22 December 2016

Outnumbered Kids Shock As They Are All Grown Up On This Morning

Today the Outnumber kids appeared on This Morning and showed the viewers just how grownup and changed they now are.

The kids have got back together for the first time in three years for a boxing day special to air this year and we just can’t not get over how much they have changed and it seems the viewers feel the same too.

One viewer tweeted:

“Bloody hell!!! The #Outnumbered kids aren’t little anymore!! Look how grown up they are!!”

Another said:

“Seeing the kids from OutNumbered all grown up makes me realise how old I am.”

They all have changed so much and look at how tall they are now.

Looking forward to the boxing day special.

Katie Price’s Erratic Behaviour Blamed On Her Marriage Troubles With Kieran Hayler

Kieran Hayler 'Threatens To Leave' Katie Price After She Spent Tim At Hotel With Scotty T!

She had to take time out of the the public eye in October to work on her marriage then reports where saying that her and Kieran Hayler where splitting but then Katie Price came forward and admitted that there is nothing wrong with her marriage.

Now it seems her drunken behaviour this week has been caused by troubles in her marriage according to sources.

Katie is said to be ‘rebelling’ against husband Kieran just like she did when she split from husbands Peter Andre and Alex Reid.

A friend has told The Sun:

‘It’s the men again,’

‘It is very clear that something is deeply wrong in her marriage and so she is rebelling.

‘This is what she always does. Look at what happened with [first husband] Peter and [second husband] Alex.’

This comes just days after Katie admitted on Loose Women that she is not going to drink for a year.

Is she going to stop drinking just so she can save her marriage??

Alicia Douvall Suffers Backlash After Loose Women Appearance After She Admitted That She WOuldnt Have Bottom Implants Removed Because Of Having A “Saggy Bum” But She Could Die!

She admitted to have had over 350 cosmetic procedures but now it seems that Alicia Douvall is suffering as her bottom implants have ruptured leaking silicone into her body what could cause cancer or even kill her if she doesn’t have them removed.

Douvall admitted on Loose Women today that she doesn’t know if she is going to have to implants removed because she doesn’t want a “saggy bottom” but if she doesn’t have them removed she could die.

Alicia has faced lots of backlash on social media from fans because most people would just have the implants removed to save her life but now Alicia.

The former model appeared on the show alongside her daughter Georgia as she explained:

‘I don’t want to have surgery ever again but obviously there’s complications because I’ve had so much and they discovered I have leaking bum implants,’
‘So I have a dilemma to either take them out or have silicon in my body.’

Gloria Hunniford then said to Alicia:

‘You’ve got children – surely it’s a no-brainer?’

To what she replied:

‘It’s not as black as white as that,’  ‘If I had them taken out I would have saggy excess skin…it’s a psychological issue, I don’t have the body confidence.’

Gloria shouted:

‘You’d be alive!’

It is true what Gloria is saying she should have them removed for her two daughters sake.

Loose Women Confirmed They Are Keeping Katie Price On The Show After Her Drunken Outburst And Admit She Will Be Back In The New Year

Katie Price Admits Son Harvey Gets Upset When Princess And Junior visit Peter Andre

She was so drunk on Monday night at the EnergySave Christmas party and has caused a media storm but now Loose Women have said that they are keeping Katie Price on the show and she will be returning in the new year.

A spokesperson has said to the Mailonline:

‘Katie was on the panel yesterday and will be back on again in the new year.

What do you think should Katie be kepted on the show after her outburst at the start of this week??

Michael Parkinson and Eamonn Holmes Slate Meg Ryan As They Admit She Was Rude During Interviews

When you interview celebrities you never know what they are going to be like but it seems Meg Ryan is one of the worst to interview.

Today Sir Michael Parkinson was on This Morning when he admitted to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she was one of the worse that he has interviewed because she was “rude”.

Parkinson admitted that the interview was one of the hardies interviews he has ever done in his life and he has interviewed a lot of people in his time.

When Holmes asked who was the worse person he had interviewed he said:

‘Who has been abused my Meg Ryan more?’

Holmes who has also had a bad run in with the actress said as he called her an ’empty vessel’, continued to say:

‘She is allergic to being interviewed!’

Michael then said:

‘Absolutely! She shouldn’t do them.’

‘She was going through a bad time, broke up with her boyfriend, but she…’

Homes then replied:

‘We should say that they are contractually obliged to do interviews with their film deals.’

She sounds a nightmare to interview.

Zayn Malik Has ‘Proposed’ To Gigi Hadid Just One Year After Dumping Perrie Edwards

Ohh no what is going on??

Zayn Malik has asked his girlfriend Gigi Hadid to marry him just one year after he dumped his girlfriend of four years Perrie Edwards.

Reports have been saying that the former one Direction singer got down on one knee to the model and asked her to be his wife after not that long dating really.

Of course the model said “yes” but sources have been saying that the pair are taking things far to fast and really need to slow down a bit.

What do you think should they slow down?