Nicola McLean Slamms Jedward After They Dress Up In Pizza Boxes In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Tensions are getting heated in the Celebrity Big Brother house as Nicola McLean has hit out at Jedward after they dressed up in Pizza boxes.

The singing twins turned the outfits into a ‘robot’ outfit and Nicola just decided to flip at the pair.

Nicola scolds as behaviour of a ’10-year-old’ which ‘no one is f***ing interested’ in.

The housemates where treated to a pizza by Big Brother for completing a task and when the boxes where empty the boys decided to put them over their bodies.

Nicola shouted at the boys:

‘Oh here we go, here are the 10-year-olds.’

Jedward then shouted back:

‘We’re not interested!’

One of the twins confronted Nicola and went in for a cuddle but mcLean snapped:

‘Don’t cuddle me! No one is f***ing interested!’

Later on during the day Nicola approached the boys and told them that their behaviour was ‘just bizarre’.

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