Kelly Brook Gets Slammed On Twitter After TV Appearance After She Seemed ‘Loud And Hyper’

Kelly Brook has been slammed on social media after she appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning.

The model was on the show after she has been made the fashion editor on the show so she was talking about all things fashion and the viewers have slammed her for being ‘hyper’ and ‘loud’ on the show.

Taking to Twitter one person tweeted:

‘@ITVLorraine @IAMKELLYBROOK Kelly brook was very loud and over excited and irritating. Give me headache.’

 While another said:
‘@IAMKELLYBROOK on @ITVLorraine Omg! Had to turn my TV down. #soloud Lorraine couldn’t get a word in #exhausting.’
We think that personally she was just really excited to be back on Lorraine because she use to work on the show a few years back and was praised by the viewers back them.
Give her a chance people.

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