Plastic Surgery Addict Fears For Her Life After Botched Nose Job!

A cosmetic addict has appeared on Jeremy Kyle Emergency Room where she talked about the problems that she has with her nose after having two nose jobs.

Star first went under the knife when she was a teenager but got addicted and now has spend a whopping £30,000 on surgery including her boobs,face and body in her quest to look like Barbie.

Talking on the show she said:

“I went for the first boob job when I was 18. I wanted to look like Barbie.”

“I had an eyebrow lift. I have Botox all the time. I’ve had liposuction in my arms.”

Star then admitted to Jeremy that she regrets having her nose done because now she struggles to breath and it constantly drips.

She continued to say:

“I regret my nose, I can’t breathe and it’s constantly dripping. I didn’t want so much taken away, I wanted it subtly done.”

“I feel dizzy all the time.  The other night I went to bed early because I wasn’t feeling well. I stopped breathing and my heart was racing.”

The doctor then put a camera up her nose and it revealed that Star has a blocked airway.

Star then was told that to correct this she would need to go under the knife again but she said that isnt something what she would want to do.

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