Madonna Had A Fling With Drake!!!!!

Madonna Had A Fling With Drake!!!!!

Wow where did this come from??

It seems the showbiz world is a little shocked at the moment as it’s been said that Madonna has had a fling with Drake.

Madge who’s 58 and Drake 30 had the fling before they had that awkward stage snog back in 2015 but it seems that it’s all coming out of the woodwork now.

Drake who opened his tour in London last night was said to have happened before that kiss causing them to fall out with one and other.

A source has said:

“Everyone in Madonna’s circle was totally aware there was a brief fling between Madonna and Drake in 2015.

It continued:

“They knew it wasn’t going to last forever obviously but both of them were single at the time.

“There was definitely a massive attraction between them.

Drake has a track record with older women too so Madonna is absolutely his type.

“They had fun together but kept it strictly secret. Neither of them ever plan to discuss it.”

This has came completely out of the blue.

It’a smad who would have thought that after that weird stage kiss they would have had a fling together??

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