Marnie Simpson Admits She Regrets Plastic Surgery And Fillers!

It seems having plastic surgery is not all it’s made up to be.

Marnie SImpson has admitted that she regrets tapering with her looks by having fillers, surgery and other things done to her body.

The Geordie Shore star has said that she now feels insecure about her looks as she spoke to Now Magazine and said:

‘I’ve had a nose job, lip fillers, a boob lift and liposuction. I did try Botox but I didn’t like what it did to my face. I went overboard with the lips. I’ve ruined them.’

Marnie also had liposuction on her tummy to suck out the fat and admitted that now her vagina has changed too.

She continued to say:

‘My vagina [has changed]. Since having the lipo, it’s got really fat from the swelling. I hope it goes down, but one thing leads to another.’

Even though she has regretted having surgery Simpson admitted that he would like to change her chin:

‘Right now, I am obsessed with my chin. I want it shaved down. It has grown.’

It’s one of those things when you start having plastic surgery you want more and more.

She will have her chin done and then find something else to have shaven down.

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