Danniella Westbrook Admits Her In Therapy Program Did More Harm Than Good!

Her In Therapy program was a eye opener.

Now Danniella Westbrook has admitted that the show did more ‘harm than good’ for her.

One of her Twitter followers tweeted her to say that they had just watched the show and she replied back to them and said:

‘Thank you so so much. I’ve had such great support on twitter about it.

‘But doing the actual show did me more harm than good tbh. #therapy [sic].’

Then another person tweeted her and she replied back to them saying:

‘It most certainly is… part of me wished I never did as I got no help at all and now the whole country knows my childhood story of abuse [sic],’

The show was aired last year and was hard to watch knowing that she has been through so much.

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