Day: February 2, 2017

Holly Willoughby Left Squirming As Doctor Does Botox And Fillers Live On This Morning

Phobia of needles Holly??

Holly Willoughby has been left squirming as a doctor performs botox and filler live on This Morning.

While the blonde was introducing the item on the show she was making faces to the camera to say that she is not keen on what was about to happen and had a look of shock on her face thought the whole thing.

During the item Holly said thats he could “hit the deck”.

Throughout the segment Holly kept on asking the lady if it was hurting but she kept on saying that it was fine.

We cant see Holly going to get any fillers anytime soon can you??

Holly Willoughby Plays With Her Boobs In 90s Lingerie Advert

She’s the good girl TV presenter but it seems Holly Willoughby has a naughty side!

The This Morning host has been playing with her boobs in naughty 90s lingerie advert what has came to light in the press.

The presenter poses in her underwear for the add while she pushes her boobs together with a sexy expression on her face as she brands herself a ‘sex Goddess’.

These where Holly’s modeling days in the 90s and after she had a few big gigs she then landed the role of advertising for brand Pretty Polly where she stripped off into her underwear and posed for the camera.

She look fab.