Day: February 3, 2017

Jedwards Dad Fights For His Life In Hospital But The Boys Were Never Told In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Jedwards Dad Fights For His Life In Hospital But The Boys Were Never Told In The Celebrity Big Brother House

They have been locked out of the outside world for the last month but Jedward have been let out of the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight to find out that their father is in a bad way.

The singing duo where released from the house on Friday night as they came second in the popular reality show being beat by Coleen Nolan.

Their father John wanted them to enjoy their time in the house before they where told the bad news so that’s why they where never told while they where inside the house.

edward’s mum and manager Susanna Condron has said to the Daily Star:

“The last week has been very stressful for Jedward’s family.

“John Snr has been in intensive care. He insisted Edward and John must not be informed about his critical condition.

She continued:

“He stated he would not jeopardise their chances of reaching the final as ‘there would have been legions of disappointed fans’.”

We wish John a speedy recover and lets hope that he is well soon.

Emma Willis Gets Slammed By Celebrity Big Brother Viewers After She Fails To Ask Nicola McLean About That Kiss With Jamie O’Hara

Emma Willis Gets Slammed By Celebrity Big Brother Viewers After She Fails To Ask Nicola McLean About That Kiss With Jamie O'Hara

Emma Willis has been slammed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers as they have accused the host of letting Nicola McLean off lightly with her eviction interview.

The viewers have said that Emma never mentioned that kiss between Jamie O’Hara at the start of the series despite her being married.

The viewers took to their Twitter accounts to air their views and one of the users even said that Emma should lose her job over the interview.

One person said:

Why has @EmmaWillis given Nicola an easy interview. Biased by any chance. If she goes in on Kim she should be sacked! #cbb

While another shared:

Nicola got off lightly. Emma didn’t even bother, just let Nicola go off chatting shite.#CBB

While another just simply said:

Emma is the WORST interviewer… #cbb

We are not sticking up for Emma but she is told the questions what to ask so it may have not been her fault.

Chloe Ferry Skips Celebrity Big Brother Final To Film Geordie Shore

She was a big part of this years Celebrity Big Brother to Chloe Ferry decided to skip the final as she had other work commitments with MTV and filming Geordie Shore.

Chloe who was in the house a week did not attend the final tonight and will also miss out on the wrap party after the live show.

Chloe jetted off to Switzerland where she is shooting the next series of the reality show earlier this week.

A source has said:

“Unfortunately Chloe won’t be able to attend tonight’s final, as filming commitments mean she is out of the country.

“If her schedule was different, she would be there cheering them on.”

Shame she would have loved the wrap party with all that booze and Calum Best.

Coleen Nolan Is Named Winner Of Celebrity Big Brother 2017

She’s had her ups and downs in the Celebrity Big Brother house but tonight Coleen Nolan was crowned winner of the show.

Coleen seemed really shocked to win the show as she just bead Jedward who came second in the public vote.

Throughout her time in the house she has worried about what the public think about her as during task when she received some nasty tweets she didn’t take it well so winning the show hopefully would prove to her that she is liked by the public.

She said walking out of the house:

“I’ve never won anything in my life, on my own, ever,”

“I dread to see my daughter’s phone bill but thank you.

“I didn’t deserve to win it, I’ve been so boring in there.”

We are so glad that she won out of the finalists who where left.

Have a look at the runners up list below.

1st: Coleen Nolan 

2nd: Jedward

3rd: Kim Woodburn

4th: James Cosmo 

5th: Nicola Mclean

6th: Bianca Gasciogne

Holly Willoughby Gets Asked By Followers Why Is She Standing By A Damp White Wall In Her Instagram Photos

Every day before This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby poses showing off what she is wearing on the show and where to get it.

One thing what fans have picked up from the photos what she shared on Instagram is that she is always standing against a wet damp white wall and a paint chipped floor and fans of hers are fascinated about it.

Her followers have taken to her photos to comment about why she stands in front of the horrible painted wall.

One person commented on her photo and said:

‘Why are you always standing next to that awful damp wall covered in mould and [on] an old peeling floor?’

While another said:

‘Every day I look a these pictures of you and you always look amazing… but the floor is disgusting and so is the background,’

We have to admit she could stand in front of a better painted wall but maybe she likes the affect?

Stacey Solomon Admits A Man ‘Only Has To Look At Her’ And She Falls Pregnant!

It was only last month that Stacey Solomon admitted that she was thinking about having her eggs frozen after she was worried that she was going to go though an early menopause like her mother did.

Now the former singer has admitted that she is very fertile and a man only has to ‘look at her’ making her fall pregnant.

Stacey who is dating Joe Swash admitted on Loose Women on Friday that she worries that she will fall pregnant by accident because she is so fertile.

Talking she said:

‘I feel like I just need to look at a man to get pregnant! Shut your eyes guys!

‘At the moment me and Joe have to be really, really careful, we have to choose our days and our methods and use as many as possible, to make sure’

She then continued to say on the show:

‘Then it starts to become a bit (stressful), then I start thinking, “Oh god not today, I think I’m ovulating, well that’s my excuse anyway! We have to be really careful.”

Stacey then admitted that she started having periods at the age of 10 and had massive boobs what made her feel awkward:

‘I was 10 when I started (having periods). I remember feeling excluded because none of the other girls had started, and I also felt out of place.

‘I had massive boobs, well I had boobs, and kids used to point and laugh.’

It’s good that she is fertile like that because some women really struggle to conceive.

Will we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet from her soon?