Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Thinks You Cant Get Addicted To Plastic Surgery Despite Having 50 Procedures And Spending £373,000

He’s had everything done from pectoral implants to face lifts but now the Human Ken Doll has admitted that he is not addicted to having plastic surgery and said that you can’t be addicted.

Rodrigo Alves who has had 50 cosmetic procedures and spent a whopping £373,000 in the process has said on This Morning that he is not addicted to going under the knife.

Talking on the show on Friday he said to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that he has just had his 0th procedure what was a face lift and he had that a couple of weeks ago.

He said:

‘There’s no such thing as being addicted to plastic surgery’,
‘It’s constant, it’s like getting an MOT on a car.’

He continued to say:

‘Most of us try and change ourselves somehow, I took it to a different level. I’m a different person, now my soul matches my body!’

Plastic surgery made me the person I am today,’ he boldly claimed. ‘I want to be the best person I can with the help of plastic surgery.’

Then Ruth asked him about how he funds having so many surgerys and he replied that he was left money by his grandparents as he said:

‘My grandparents left me with property, I am very blessed, and I used to be a flight attendant and now I have two shows on TV, one here and one in the USA. This is how I pay for all this surgery’

Will he ever stop having surgery that the question?

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