Day: February 4, 2017

Celebrity Big Brother Producers Left Embarrassed After They Put Coleen Nolan Had Been Evicted And Not The Winner!

So embarasing.

Last night as we have been telling you Coleen Nolan was crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother but according to the big screen on the side of the house she was just simply evicted.

As Coleen walked out of the house it had evicted when she won the show.

This didn’t seem to worry Coleen as she was so happy that she won the show she walked out in tears.

Bless her must have been so embarrassing.

Marco Pierre White Jr Admits He Is Giving Up Drugs For His new Girlfriend But Will ‘Never Stop Smoking Marijuana’

He’s famous for his wild partying and drug habits but now it seems Marco Pierre White Jr might be on the correct part with his new girlfriend.

Marco has admitted that he has given up taking cocaine for his girlfriend but sadly he will never give up smoking marijuana.

Talking during an interview with The Mirror the former Big Brother star said:

‘I’m going to give up cocaine for my girlfriend,’

He continued to say:

‘I don’t class weed as a drug, weed is not a drug for me, it’s a way of life, I’m never going to stop that s**t. If I smoke weed daily I can be myself – the fun, chatty Marco that everyone hates.’

Marco was in the Big Brother house back in the summer btu was the first to be voted out by the public and walked straight into rehab for drugs and did really well but things turned.

Now that he has found his new girlfriend hopefully she is good for him and keeps him on the straight and narrow.

Big Brother Star Pete Bennett Is Now Working As A Cleaner After He Lost £100,000 Prize Fund

He’s one of the most famous faces to come out of Big Brother but it seems the showbiz world is not for Pete Bennett.

Pete is now a cleaner as he has struggled to keep a career in the public eye and losing his whopping £100,000 prize fund from winning the reality show back in 2006.

So if you want Pete to clean your house he will do it for a whopping £100 per hour.

Writing on the company who he works for Facebook page he said:

“I am proud to announce that Ive started my new cleaning business…

so If you need your place spotless, gizza call , I’m your man! Selfies and FUN included”

Pete said:

“I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and I’ll do any sort of cleaning job.

“I think other celebrities will definitely come on board because there are a lot who need money between the work. It’ll be a good laugh.

He continued:

“It’s definitely a novel way of getting a cleaner in but it’s not a gimmick, I will definitely clean their homes, I’m pretty good at it.”

Lets hope that eh is happy doing it because he has had such a life.