Day: February 6, 2017

Coleen Nolan Admits She Was Rushed To Hospital Just One Day Before Celebrity Big Brother Final

She kept that one quiet!

Coleen Nolan has admitted on Loose Women today that just one day before the Celebrity Big Brother final she was rushed to hospital with suspected HEART ATTACK!

Coleen who kept her trip to hospital quiet during her exit interview from the house because she wanted to save it to tell everyone on Loose Women today.

Coleen said that she spent Thursday in bed and Big Brother called her to the Diary Room where they told her that she needed to go to hospital.

Talking to her fellow Loose Women on Monday she said:

“I’d been smoking a lot – every scene of that show had me holding a cigarette – and it was very stressful in there,”

“I was allowed to sleep in the daytime ‘cos I was ill, but then Big Brother told me they were calling an ambulance. They said they can’t overrule the doctor and I had to go to hospital – but I thought I’d been evicted and had a go at Big Brother saying it was really cruel to evict me the night before the final!”

When Coleen was at the hospital they performed blood tests, scans, seven ECGs and chest X-rays to check everything was in order.

Thankfully all the tes came back ok.

Coleen Nolan Admits She Missed Her Husband While She Was In Celebrity Big Brother And Admits That She Hopes To Sort Relationship Problems

When she was last on Loose Women back in the week leading up to Christmas Coleen Nolan admitted that she was going to take a break from her relationship troubles but no one knew that she was going to be going in Celebrity Big Brother.

Well now that she’s out and was crowned the winner of the show last Friday Coleen has returned to the ITV show today to talk about her time in the house.

Just before Christmas Coleen admitted that she was having relationship troubles with husband Ray Fensome but having the time away from him has made her heart grow fonder as she admitted on the show today that she really missed him.

Talking on Loose Women on Monday Coleen said that she still hasn’t spoken to Ray yet because he is currently on tour in america with his band but she said that they have texted a few times and he said that he is ‘proud’ of her for winning.

The former singer turned agony aunt said that she is going to fight until she has no more fight in her to save her marriage.

She said:

‘We haven’t had a chance to speak because he’s touring America and he’s not back til the 20th. We texted each other and he sent me a text saying: “I just saw you win online and I’m so proud of you and blah blah blah”, and that was lovely.

‘But we haven’t picked up the phone and spoken to each other, I don’t want to do it on the phone, I don’t want to ruin his time in America as he’s having the time of his life and we’ve plenty of time to talk about it when he gets back.’

Then continuing to say today she said:

‘If Big Brother was good in any way it was for that, leading up to it, part of me was like I can’t wait to go in because I was ready for a break, but when I was in there, there were so many times I thought: “I miss him” or if he’d been in here, we’d have laughed at that and that was a lovely feeling…

‘What it made me feel is those feelings, I’d forgotten I had them so to have moments in the house where I felt them was a lovely thing so I thought there is hope, they were still there.’

Then when asked about if she thinks they will stay together she said:

‘I will fight for it until there’s no fight left in me.’

It so good that she felt like she missed him while she was in the house.

Lady Gaga Says Her Pot Belly Is ‘Sexy’ As Her Wight Gets Criticized After Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga Says Her Pot Belly Is 'Sexy' As Her Wight Gets Criticized After Super Bowl Performance

Yesterday most of America where watching the Super Bowl and watching Lady Gaga steal the show and perform but sadly it wasnt her performance what got people talking.

Viewers where talking about Gaga and apparently they feel like she has put weight on.

Gaga was wearing some tiny shorts and people have said about how her belly was poking over her band on her shorts.

Seeing the backlash Mother Monsters fans had her back as one person tweeted:

‘Can we talk about Lady Gaga’s cute belly?’

While another said:

‘I would be miss not to give honorary mention to Gaga’s belly. For the girls who understand warm bread and olive oil.’

We have to say we thought that she looked amazing and the show that she put on was fantastic.

She was amazing.

Kim Woodburn Lashes Out At B***** Phillip Schofield During Interview On This Morning About Her Time In Celebrity Big Brother

How has she got any more fight in her?

Today Kim Woodburn has been at it again as she has appeared on This Morning to talk about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother.

Kim got into a blazing row with presenter Phillip Schofield and also had a pop at Holly Willoughby who admitted that she was ‘scared’ of her.

Phil asked Kim is she regretted her time in the house and she admitted that she didn’t and never regretted the rows she had with her fellow housemates.

The only thing she admitted that she regretted was saying the ‘f-word’ a few times.

She confessed:

‘I have sadness that it came to that. But I’m not sorry I said those things. You would have to be a saint not to in that house.

‘I apologise for saying the ‘f’ word. I don’t say those things on TV. But I said it three times and that is the only shame I feel.’

‘I knew it would be filthy, dirty and stinky.’

Then Phillip said:

‘Aren’t you the best person to clean it up?’

To what the presenter asked back:

‘No I am not,’  ‘I went on there to be a housemate, not a cleaner.’

Phillip then said to Kim about how she flew off the handle when she was splashed by Chloe Ferry when she was in the hottub the first night she entered the house and she replied:

‘No it was not, Phillip,”You were not there. She was jumping around with her private parts out.

‘If you are not going to wear knickers, then keep your legs together. You were not there. I did not dislike Chloe by the way.’

Kim then said that she believes entering the house 1 week into the show cuased all the toruble what she experienced in the house to what Phil replied to Kim:

‘Well Chloe and Jess weren’t treated badly.’

Kim fired back:

‘That’s because they didn’t say anything out of place,’ she hit back angrily. ‘I don’t put up with it. I went through hell. Hell on earth. You weren’t there to see it.’

Holly then timidly replied:

‘Why not leave if you didn’t like it?’

Hitting back the former cleaner said:

‘Why should I go?’  ‘And lose all that money, massive sums of money for those buns. Would you lose a house?’

Then the conversation turned to talking about Coleen Nolan winning the show and Phil asked if she was a worthy winner to what Kim replied:

‘She was as nice as pie to me but little did I know she was pulling me apart in the smoking area.’

‘I know Coleen and she’s a nice person,’ Phillip said.

‘She’s a horrible person,’

‘I am 74 and I couldn’t give a toss if I never got another job. I have got not one second of my life for bull.

Then after the interview had ended and kim had left the studio Phillip said that Kim called him a ‘b*****’ and kissed him on both cheeks and told him that they both made good TV during that interview.

We personally think that she is all about making good TV and it’s all a bit of an act.

Lorraine Kelly Gets Very Flirty With Celebrity Big Brother Star Calum Best As He Apologizes For Failing To Turn Up To Interview Last Week

He was meant to appear on the show last week but failed to turn up due to his ‘wild lifestyle’ but on Monday morning Calum Best appeared on Lorraine.

The Celebrity Big Brother star appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s show where she was very flirty with Calum as she got all the gossip from the house.

Lorraine started the interview by saying:

‘Oooh you’re in good nick for 36, aren’t you?’

Then seeing that he has ‘Gentleman’ tattooed across his knuckles she said:

‘You are a gentleman,’ she said. ‘I just want you to settle down and find someone who is with you for all the right reasons.

‘As your mother said, you’re not going to find someone in a nightclub.’

She clearly would like a bit of Calum.


Lady Gaga Announces Joanne World Tour And She’s Coming To London In October!

It’s the news Little Monsters have been waiting for an it’s finally.

Lady Gaga has annouced that she is going on Tour in the UK in the winter and every one is going mad.

Gaga will tour London on October 3rd 2017 for one show at the moment at the o2 arena and will also tour Manchester and Birmingham.

Gaga will bring her Joanne World Tour to the UK little monsters as this is the first time she has toured in over two years.

It was on Sunday that Gaga annouced the world tour just after her massive Super Bowl performance last night.

The Queen on pop broke the news to her many fans on Twitter by sharing a GIF of her with glasses on what flashed up Gaga.

This will be Gaga’s sixth tour in just under a decade.

This is simply massive and if you want to get your hands on the tickets you can this week!

Pre-sale tickets go on sale this Wednesday and general release tickets are up for grabs on Friday at 9AM.