Day: February 7, 2017

Kim Woodburn Has Joined Twitter!!

She the woman of the moment after her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house but now Kim Woodburn has decided to join Twitter.

The queen on clean has set her own Twitter account up and decided to tell fans that if you respect her she will respect you back.

In a series of tweets Kim tweeted:

‘I’m being called a bully, but I’m the one getting started on, getting called names etc! It’s Ridiculous! I won’t be bullied!!!’

Another tweet said:

‘I’m no saint! If you bring me trouble! I’ll give you trouble!! I get so upset you brought it to me.. well you see my reaction!’


you insult me, I’ll insult you. Respect me, I’ll respect you.

We just hope that this is Kim and her official account because we can see her getting a lot of followers if it is.

Alicia Douvall Talks All About Her Sex Life With Simon Cowell As She Admits He Was Like ‘Christian Grey In Bed’

Alicia Douvall Talks All About Her Sex Life With Simon Cowell As She Admits He Was Like 'Christian Grey In Bed'

Sixteen years ago Alicia Douvall was in a relationship with Simon Cowell and now she has decided to reveal all about their bedroom antics.

Alicia has said that Simon is like ‘Christian Grey in the bedroom’ and talked about how one night they had sex a whopping 11 times in one night!

Talking to Closer magazine she said:

‘He was just like Fifty Shades Lothario Christian Grey!’

‘He was sensitive but domineering.’

She then continued to say that Cowell would use his talents on X Factor and judge her and how she was performing for him.

She continued:

‘He would analyse my performance just like a judge on a TV show and say how there could be an improvement next time,’

‘He was really OCD like Christian, ‘His wardrobe was immaculate with lots of the same items lined up.’

Still not letting up telling all she said:

‘On the third of fourth date we ended up doing it 11 times in one night…’

‘We started having sex and went on through the night. We slept a little bit in between but only for a few minutes.’

Talk about far too much information.

We can never look at Simon in the same light again.

Kim Woodburn In Talks To Get Her Own Jeremy Kyle Show As Channels Fight Over Her Since Celebrity Big Brother

Kim Woodburn In Talks To Get Her Own Jeremy Kyle Show As Channels Fight Over Her Since Celebrity Big Brother

She’s been called ‘tv gold’ over the last month since she has been on the TV every night as she has been in the Celebrity Big Brother house but now it seems Kim Woodburn is going to be on our screens more often.

Sources have said that Kim has been flooded with request to have her own show and apparently TV channels have been fighting over her.

Reports have said that Kim is in talks to get her own Jeremy Kyle styled TV show as a source has now said:

“A number of channels are interested and she’s having talks this week,”

“Bosses are really excited by the prospect of signing Kim up for something long-term. She would be the perfect host of her own chat show as she’s not afraid to say exactly what she thinks.”

This would be a great watch and we shall have to see if she does get her own show or not.

Janet Street-Porter Talks About The Time Her Husband Caught Her Having An Affair

She’s no stranger to talking about her many marriages and affairs but no Janet Street-Porter has talked about the time that her husband found her having an affair not long after they got married.

Talking on Loose Women on Tuesday Janet said:

‘I was married to my first husband for about six or seven years and I was having an affair and he tracked me down to this cottage in the new forest…

To what she continued to say:

‘There was a knock on the door luckily I had all my clothes on and he said: “Right I know what you’ve been up to we wont discuss it if you get in the car in three minutes and we’ll drive to London and no more will be said about it”…

‘I closed the door and said: “Why can’t he give me ten minutes!” and I spent the whole three minutes arguing and the next minute I heard the car drive off.’

Janet then admitted that she married the man who she was sleeping with after she divorced the one who drove off from their relationship.

She just doesn’t care and you have to give it to her as we wish more people could be like that.


Jamie O’Hara Dumps Bianca Gascoigne To ‘Focus On Family’ After They Fell In Love In Celebrity Big Brother

They where the talk of this years Celebrity Big Brother with their relationship in the house even though she had a boyfriend on the outside but now Jamie O’Hara and Bianca Gascoigne are over.

Jamie decided to dump the busty blonde as he admitted that he needs to sort out the trouble what he going tough in life just days after Bianca’s boyfriend CJ Meeks left the house they shared together.

Jamie who has three children with ex-wife Danielle Lloyd has admitted that he has struggled to see his boys since he left the house all because of Danielle.

An insider has told The Sun:

‘They are going to remain firm friends but Jamie needs to spend time with his family first and focus on other things in his life…They had a great time in the CBB house but unfortunately it has come to an end.’

Jamie has spoken to The Sun and said:

‘I didn’t know she had a boyfriend. I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Once that connection’s there, it’s hard to stop it.’

They did make a good couple but yes he does need to sort his life out before a relationship.

Kim Woodburn Takes To Twitter To Defend Her This Morning Interview As She Says Phillip Schofield ‘Pushed Her Buttons’

Yesterday she was taking all the headlines again after her appearance on This Morning when Kim Woodburn got into a spat with presenter Phillip Schofield and decided to call him a ‘b*****’

Now the Celebrity Big Brother star has hit out at Phillip and defended her actions but taking to Twitter to call herself a ‘nice person’.

She said:

‘I’m a nice person. Anybody I know will tell you this. If somebody pushes my buttons. I push back just as hard. Thank you for your tweets x.’

Lets hope that she starts to show this nice person side and keeps the nasty one away.