Helen Flanagan Is Slated Over Her Return To Coronation Street As People Call Her ‘Wooden’ And A ‘Bad Actress’

She was one of the soaps most memorable characters but last night feisty Rosie Webster made her return to Coronation Street.

But actress who plays Rosie, Helen Flanagan did not impress the viewers as lots of them took to social media to air their views about her return and mostly her acting.

 One person took to their Twitter account to say that Helen has less depth than ‘a packet of honey roast ham’.

One tweeted:

‘Once @helenflanagan1 leaves again bosses are set to replace her with a packet of honey roast ham for more depth#Corrie.

Another said:

‘The acting performance of @helenflanagan1 was so one dimensional that @TheSimpsons looked 3 Dimensional #Corrie,’

Rosie was back in full swing last night and we have to say that we enjoyed her return and look forward to watching her over the next few weeks.

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