Jemma Lucy Shocks Fans With Admitting To Having Oral Sex With New Girlfriend Chantelle Connelly During Live Video

Jemma Lucy knows how to get the headlines.

The tattooed model has shocked fans as she has admitted during a live Instagram video that she has performed a ora sex act on her new girlfriend Chantelle Connelly during a live Instagram video.

Her Instagram followers where asking her questions during the live video to what Jemma was answering very truthful and sometimes a little too much information.

She said:

‘Yes, I am going out with Chantelle. We have been together for about a month.’

Another fan asked her something very explicit but she decided to answer the question and agree that she has performed a oral sex act on the former Geordie Shore star.

Her fans seemed shock that she came out with such talk on the feed what young children could be watching.

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