Day: February 8, 2017

Fearne Cotton Talks About Her Battle With Depression!

She the up beat TV presenter what seems to always be happy but now Fearne Cotton has talked about her depression what she has kept quiet.

Ferne admitted that she has been feeling ‘drained, anti-social and alienated’ but also thanked her husband Jesse Wood for supporting her.

The Tv host admitted that her depression started when she was hosting on BBC Radio 1 as she said that it was ‘draining’:

‘I had a real lack of energy,’  ‘I felt so drained and my lust for everything that I love wasn’t there any more.

She then continued:

‘I’m very optimistic by nature, I wake up in the morning and I’m very excited about my day, I’m so pumped and enthusiastic about the smaller things in life and that was dead.

‘Everything was a drag and felt heavy. I felt anti-social, cut-off, alienated and they were massive warning signs. Everyone has that lightbulb moment that they need to do something differently, but for me it was feeling stuck.’

She then said that in some ways the radio was good because it was getting her out of the house:

‘It was a tough time,’ she admitted. ‘But it was probably quite helpful, getting out the house, communicating with people, even if it is on a surface level and I think that slowly does help you.

‘My job became a hindrance and a help. It was very draining, but at the same time it was possibly helping me in the right direction.

‘Having one thing that feels quite normal, when everything else is chaotic, is quite healthy.’

Lets hope that she is over the worse now.


Stephen Bear Refuse To Comment On His Relationship Status With Charlotte Crosby But Says She Expecting His Baby!

He’s a kidder.

Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby have not been apart since they started filming new MTV series Just Tattoo Of Us but now hre has denied that he is dating the brunette.

Bear who won Celebrity Big Brother last year admitted that Charlotte is ‘funny, witty, clever and gorgeous’ but won’t confirm that they are dating even though they have been spending nights together.

Bear said that they have not got together because of timing but he joked that she is carrying his baby.

Talking to OK Magazine he said:

‘Charlotte ticks a lot of my boxes – she’s funny, witty, clever, she’s got all the right attributes.

‘But as I’m filming Celebs Go Dating it’s a case of right girl, wrong time. But who knows what will happen in the future.’


Who does know what is going to happen??

Kim Woodburns Row With Phillip Schofield On This Morning Has Been Turned Into A Remixed Tune! LISTEN HERE

Ohh how we love the internet.

On Monday Kim Woodburn appeared on This Morning to talk about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house and as we told you on the day but now with the magic of the internet someone has made it into a remix and it is simply amazing.

The video has been remixed to ‘Independent Women Pt 1’ the Destiny’s Child hit single.

If you haven’t seen the video yet make sure you have a look at it below.

Jeremy McConnell Slams Stephanie Davis For Calling The Baby Caben-Albi

Jeremy McConnell Will Never Get Back With Stephanie Davis And Demarnds A Paternity Test

He has a long wait ahead waiting to see if he’s a father or not but it see’s Jeremy McConnell is not a fan of the name Stephanie Davis choice of name.

Stephanie decided to call the baby Caben-Albi and McConnell has now branded it ‘disgusting’ that she decided to call it such a name.

Talking to The Sun on Wednesday he said:

‘Regardless of the name, if she met a fella on a night out and named the baby after him then it’s disgusting and hurtful.

‘I wish she could have waited until after the DNA test. It doesn’t matter what the name is, it’s the principle.’

Stephanie decided to call the baby Caben before he had been born after she meet someone with unusual moniker while holidaying in Jersey over the summer period.

Katie Price Reveals The Sexual Abuse She Received As A Child Talking About It For The First Time On Loose Women

Katie Price has opened up for the first time about the sexual abuse she experienced at just the age of seven.

The former glamour model talked about it for the first time on Wednesday afternoon as she said:

‘There was the sexual assault and I was later raped, which I have discussed before and I do believe it led to me dressing provocatively and becoming a model.

‘I had been training to be a nurse but the glamour modelling world is aimed at men. They can look but they can’t touch. You can say or do what you like in a picture.’

This comes after in 2009 Katie tired to speak about the awful attack on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories but she just got too emotional and had to change the subject.

Tara Palmer-Tompkinson Talked About Nearly Dying Due To Her Cocaine Addiction During 2014 Interview On The Jeremy Kyle Show

Today we received the shocking news that Tara Palmer-Tompkinson had been found dead at her London home after suffering from a brain tumor for a year.

Now looking back during an interview on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2014 it showed Tara breakdown over her addiction to cocaine as she admitted that it nearly killed her.

She said on the show:

‘I remember timing my heart because I knew it was going to stop.

‘I remember my telephone was there [points] and I remember crawling on my hands and knees to pick up the phone and call, and then I woke up in hospital.

‘I remember saying my prayers. I knew my heart was stopping.’

Tara was sent to a rehab by her family costing a whopping £35,000 in Arizona but sadly that didn’t seem to stop her from taking the drugs.