Jeremy McConnell Gets Slammed By This Morning Viewers For Wearing A Vest During Interview

What was he thinking??

Jeremy McConnell has appeared on This Morning today where it was his appearance what got people talking and not so much the topic of the interview.

Viewers to the show tuned in to hear his side to the on going story about if he is the father of Stephanie Davis baby but it was that he wore a vest during the interview is what people where talking about.

Sitting on the sofa Jez wore a pale vest showing off his body what is covered in tattoos and people didn’t like it that it was un-ironed too.

Taking to Twitter one person tweeted:

Jeremy McConnell wearing a vest on this morning…what are you playing at

While another said:

That Jeremy McConnell looks a mess why u wearing a vest mate u ain’t on holiday with the boys

We have to say he didnt look like he was about to go on national TV and be seen by millions.

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