Lorraine Kelly Hits Out At Viewer Who Tweeted Telling Her That She Had Her Dress On Back To Front

Dont mess with Lorraine Kelly!

Today on ITV’s Lorraine a viewer got the end of Lorraine sharp tongue as she tweeted in telling the presenter that her dress was on back to front but it seems Lorraine was not happy about this at all.

Lorraine quipped back saying that you can wear the dress both ways even though the girl who tweeted in worked for Next where the dress was from and knew all about the style.

The viewer tweeted:

Lorraine you’re wearing your dress backwards!!I work at next and that’s not the right way!!! @reallorraine@ITVLorraine

Other viewers also started tweeting the presenter to say that the dress was on the wrong way because another said:

‘Lorraine hate to have to tell you but the zip on that dress is meant to be round the font!’

Seeing all the tweets the official shows Twitter account replied back and said:

‘We love the versatility of this dress!’

Whatever way you wear that dress is will look nice.

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