Martin Clunes Goes Bright Red As His Horse Bites Him During Live Video Link Interview On Lorraine

They say never work with children or animals but Martin Clunes has clearly leant that the hard way.

Martin was appearing in ITV’s Lorraine live from his Dorset Farm when the horse decided to give him a nasty nip while he was live on TV.

Clunes was talking to Lorraine Kelly about the benefits of having horses and to launch Changing Lives Through Horses Initiative which seeks to inspire disengaged individuals to reconnect with society through the animals.

Talking to Lorraine he said:

‘If you have trust issues – horses are fantastic for building your trust,’

‘They touch people and they touch people’s hearts.’

‘Horses are great healers – they give people a lot of confidence. If children are not thriving in a conventional environment, it really is proven they get better – even with naughty horses like this one.’

Poor Martin he did looked shocked.

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