Steve Jones Admits To Having Sex In ‘Buckingham Palace Toilets’ With Wife Phylicia

Steve Jones Admits To Having Sex In 'Buckingham Palace Toilets' With Wife Phylicia

Just talk about far too much information.

Steve Jones has admitted to the Mailonline that he and his wife Phylicia had sex in the toilets of Buckingham Palace!

Steve admitted while he was filming Through The Keyhole, that he got down and dirty in the toilets of the Royle family house after show presenter Keith Lemon asked him about the most famous house he has even been in.

Keith asked:

‘Steve, who’s the most famous house you’ve been in?’

To what Steve replied:

‘Buckingham Palace,’

Then Keith asked why he was at the palace and Jones replied:

‘For like a charity thing, I took my wife with me and we had sex in the bathroom.’

Keith then replied to Steve and asked it it was true and Steve nodded his head yes.

In the past Steve has had a string of celebrities as he has been linked to Fearne Cotton, Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson.

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