Joey Essex Caught Swearing Live On This Morning After Interview After He Says ‘It’s A F***ing S***Hole!’

Joey Essex is known for his charm and witty one liners but it seems that he was a little moody on This Morning as he was caught swearing during a live broadcast.

Joey dropped a strawberry on the floor as he described the set as a ‘f***ing s***hole.

Just as the camera cut away from Joey to Gino D’Acampo you could hear Joey int he background swearing.

Needing to apologize Holly WIlloughby then said to the viewers:

‘He didn’t realise his mic up and we apologise for it.’

One person said on social media:

‘@thismorning OMG so funny Joey talking over Gino then dropping the F word and Sh1t word!! Get ready for the bores complaining. funny as’

Another said:

‘Lol @JoeyEssex_ f-in and jeffin over @hollywills @Schofe when his mike was left on @thismorning. The joy of live tv

Goodness all on morning TV too.

Not good Joey not good!

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