Holly Willoughby Gets Stuck In A Caravan During This Morning Segment And Phillip Schofield Refuses To Let Her Out

They are the best TV couple but today it seems there may have been a little rift as Holly Willoughby got stuck in a caravan while Phillip Schofield said to keep her in there.

During a segment on This Morning today Phil and Holly where talking about caravans and all the different styles when Holly saw a very small one where there is only a room for a bed and that’s all.

Holly jumped in the caravan and made herself at home and asked her co-presenter to close the door.

Phillip then closed the door locking her in and when Willoughby tired to open the door she just count get it open and started shouting for Phil to let her out.

Finally after a while Phillip decided to let the beauty out of the caravan and continue with the show.

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