Day: February 27, 2017

Holly Willoughby Has Put The Boobs Away For Good As She Admits To No More Sexy Photoshoots

She’s done some of the sexiest photoshoots but now it seems Holly Willoughby is hanging up her stockings and suspenders.

Holly has admitted that she will no longer be getting her boobs out for naughty photoshoots this comes after last year she was the last person to appear on FHM’s front cover.

She confessed:

“I think probably that was a really good way to say goodbye to all of that.

“I’ve had three children. And there is enough lurking about online.

“I really think now I’m a mum-of-three that we don’t need to see that anymore.”

The This Morning presenter then admitted that she has turned down swimwear range advertising because she no longer wants to flash the flesh any more:

“The thing that has always put me off doing something like that. You would have to wear it. I don’t think I’d ever do that now.”

It’s a shame but at the end of the day like Holly said she is a mum of three now and who wants their mum stripping off for sexy photo snaps??

ITV’s New Show The Nightly Show Gets Bad Reviews As Show Begins With David Walliams Presenting

ITV's New Show The Nightly Show Gets Bad Reviews As Show Begins With David Walliams Presenting

Tonight was the start of the ITV night show The Nightly Show and was presented by David Walliam but sadly the viewers have not taken a shining to the show.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to air their views about the show and they are clearly not impressed.

One thing what the viewers where annoyed about was that the 10PM news has now been put back to 10:30PM and another thing is they just don’t like the show as people have said that ITV have tried their hardest to copy Americas The Late Late Show with James Corden.

One person tweeted:

Recording this was a waste of 2% on the Virgin Media box! #thenightlyshow

While other said:

Car crash TV #thenightlyshow

Katie Price Admits Her Husband Kieran Hayler Was Banned From Having Sex For Eight Weeks Due Sex Addiction

Katie Price Admits Her Husband Kieran Hayler Was Banned From Having Sex For Eight Weeks Due Sex Addiction

Katie Price has admitted that her husband Kieran Hayler had to be put on a eight week sex ban after he was being treated for an sex addiction after he had an affair with Katie’s two best friends.

Katie was talking on Loose Women on Monday that when Kieran was going through his therapy he wasn’t allowed to have sex with Katie, hold hands or kiss.

Katie spilled on Monday:

‘Kieran wanted it all the time at the beginning, he had a sex addiction.

‘For eight weeks he couldn’t have sex, kiss or anything… hold hands, they had to rewire his brain, now he’s not on my case as much about it.’

It must have been hard for them both but glad to know that he is ok now.

Lorraine Kelly Srips Off In Her Bikini And Jumps Into -29°C Icy Antarctic Waters Live On Lorraine

Lorraine Kelly has decided to srip off and flash the flesh live on her own show Lorraine as she jumped into icy waters in just her bikini live on the show.

Just after Lorraine finished talking to the camera she walked off and jumped into the water while Christine Bleakley looked on in horror from the studio in the UK where she is filling in.

Saying into the camera she said:

‘This is a first for me, this is Antarctica… and I’m going in.’

Kelly kept her gloves on and her hat while she ran into the water.

She must have been so cold.

Katie Price Is Slammed On Social Media After Her Very ‘Flirty’ Interview With Jeremy Kyle On Loose Women

She’s been really flirty before but now she has done it again.

Katie Price has flirted like crazy with Jeremy Kyle while he was appearing on Loose Women to talk about his new series Crime Flies.

During the interview Katie was very flirty with the presenter and it didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers as some of them have taken to social media to slam the former glamour model.

One person tweeted:

‘Katie price would flirt with Jeremy Kyle wouldn’t she such a s*** #loosewomen

While another said:

Jeremy Kyle is running tings here on #loosewomen gonna have to get some security to pull Katie Price off him.

And another said:

Katie Price is just a s*** int she it’s funny #loosewomen

She really did flirt to high heaven on the show today.

What do you think??

Katie Price SLAPS Jeremy Kyle Bottom And Pushes Him Around A Corner As She Is Very Flirty During Interview

Katie Price clearly has a soft spot for Jeremy Kyle.

The former glamour model has gotten very cheeky with Jeremy on Loose Women today after he was backstage when she decided to chase after the presenter and when she found him she pushed him into a room and made sure that the camera wasnt following them.

This is not the first time Katie has got very flirty with Jeremy on the show as his previous appearance she was very flirty while he was sitting at the table.

When Jeremy was about to start his interview Katie and Jezza walked down the red carpet arm in arm and she decided to slap his bottom before taking his seat.

More news to come.