Holly Willoughby Turns Things Naughty On This Morning As She Gives Innunendo While Milking A Cow On Nintendo Game

She’s the naughty TV presenter who is always causing chaos with her co presenter Phillip Schofield on This Morning but today Phillip was away so they had Ore Oduba stand in for him.

One of the segments on the show on Thursday morning was about the brand new Nintendo Switch game – which saw them making every innuendo under the sun as they pretended to milk udders.

At first Holly seemed a little confused about what she had to do but Ore was there to help her.

Holly then asked if Ore was her cow and she had to ‘milk him’ to what he replied:

“I am not your cow!”

The pair giggled their way through the segment as they both looked into each others eyes while they did a downment movement with the remote milking the cow.

Such a funny moment.

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